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“Batman Hates Bronies” by James Lee

Animator James Lee provides the final word (we hope) on the Brony cult…

  • Sarah J

    Batman went through all that to get the toys? I would’ve done the same thing…

  • mysteriousanimatorx

    Bronies are the new Scientology. ( but with far less scare tactics and more cupcakes ) Surrender now. It’ll be easier once everyone worships the ponies.

  • Thanks so much for posting my work, Jerry! It’s such a buzz to see it on CB!

    • mysteriousanimatorx

      Very nice work my friend.

    • Sarah J

      Oooh, you’re posting! I also want to say, I think the animation in your video is really nice!

  • Charles M.

    Yep, this Brownie BS had just about run its course with me. It’s a damn shame, watching this I though the Batman was going to be all philosophical and go all Dark Knight on em’, but then….this happens…but a nice, good laugh.

    I like the scene with the video-tron visual, although I would have suggested Street Sharks or Mighty Max. Ah, I miss the 90’s.

    Thanks for sharing, Jerry

  • MissConception

    I couldn’t stop laughing when I first saw this. I’m a fan of the show myself and thought this was hilarious. Great job, James!

  • Aaron B.

    “…like, BIKER MICE FROM MARS.”

  • Marie

    Loved it when the bronie gets smacked for saying “but it has good animation” and his whimpering response. Perfect!

  • That was great. Excellent animation, wonderful direction and a funny script. To bad the same can’t be said about My Little pony.

  • Gobo

    Yep, it’s easy to beat up on a fandom. I guess you could easily substitute “comic book fans” or “Star Wars fans” or any other enthusiastic fan base for Bronies, depending on who you want to bully.

    Let’s hear from the featured speaker at Bronycon, the inimitable Andrew WK: “A lot of times adults confuse growing up or becoming more mature with a sense of seriousness, a sense of boringness, a sense of just stupidness. But really, the great thing about being adult… is that you just have more power. Whatever you want to play with, it’s OK. It’s not only OK, it’s good.”

    • JR

      “Yep, it’s easy to beat up on a fandom.”

      I dunno. Bronies do a pretty good job beating themselves up, as seen here:

      Very funny video. Good work James.

    • Ryoku75

      Any fandom that resents the outside world, openly talks dirty, waltz’s around the public, assaults others, and fails to grasp itself, is worth beating up in my book.

      Star Wars and Comic Book geeks are like flies compared to Bronies.

  • Dana B

    This was hilarious! Very well animated, too.
    “But it has good animation!” lol.

    I’ll admit, I’m a Brony(well, “Pegasister”, rather.) and still had a good laugh out of it. Sometimes it’s just fun to laugh at yourself. While I love the show(not out of “irony”, but the fact that I actually think its a great cartoon overall), I don’t go out running and pushing it on others. Also, I’m insecure about expressing my love for the show(I.e. wearing a mlp t shirt) without getting strange looks or crude remarks because of certain aspects of the fandom. I’m not saying the fandom is bad, it just has its “bad eggs”. That’s all. Every fandom does.

  • pheslaki

    And here I thought you guys liked to brag about having created the brony phenomenon.

  • Eman

    good end

  • I admit I really love MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC, and thought this was a funny cartoon! The end was hilarious. :)

  • victoria

    Dammit Batman! you have like 8 shows, give somebody else a chance! XD

  • Wow, lookit that. Shorts like this come out but… here we are, still. And the community keeps growing every day. Hmm. ^^