“Be a Vegetarian” by GlossyRey “Be a Vegetarian” by GlossyRey

“Be a Vegetarian” by GlossyRey

Serbian animation outfit GlossyRey came up with Be a Vegetarian, which if not particularly effective at making its case for vegetarianism is at least cute. Pre-production artwork from this brief After Effects piece is posted on their website.

Production Company: GlossyRey Animation and Design
Story: Nemanja Zivkovic
Art Direction: Stanko Stupar
Art Direction: Nemanja Zivkovic
Animation: Stanko Stupar
Rigging: Nemanja Zivkovic
Music and Sound Design: Rajko Stupar
Special Thanks to: Marko Bugarski and Nemanja Saric

  • Very, very well done. Just the right length, lovely visual style, and the actual movement and animation was spot on. I guess my only complaint would be the voice of the broccoli, lol, but that’s alright.

    I’m going to head over and check out their behind the scenes stuff on their website now. Thanks for the link!

  • Cute, yes. Effective, no.

  • Love this! It’s short, quirky, funny and cute. Also lovely to look at of course.

  • Mat H

    I’m not exactly sure what its trying to say. But that was fun to watch!

  • Awesome. Once you get the rhythm of the piece, it rolls right along.

  • CJ

    Don’t care for the message since I’m already a vegan! Hahahaha!

    But this is well animated! Love the “dino.” :)

  • tomm

    be a vegetarian!

  • M|3

    Fantastic! Loved the timing, sound FX and Character Designs. It was nice to see one of the AE Character rigs too on their site.

  • David Mackenzie

    I’m a vegetarian. But using broccoli as a way to argue the case? I don’t think that will be very effective!