“Because” by Cyriak “Because” by Cyriak

“Because” by Cyriak

British animator Cyriak does more with less than just about any other animator today. In Because, he “found a stupid photo of my face and decided to make a video out of it. Why? Just because.”

Cyriak pushes off-the-shelf software to its absolute creative limits. Because‘s outlandish array of creatures and spacecraft were created using 3D layers in Adobe After Effects. He composed the film’s music, too.

  • Tak

    This man should have every After Effect related job ever, he’s a total powerhouse. Why doesn’t he? People should be banging down his door with work offers or studio contracts to keep him busy until doomsday. The fact that he has the abundance of time to create all these lavish self referential tests really doesn’t reflect or bode well for new folks this saturated industry.

    Cyriak, take some time and go live in Canada for a year and get The National Film Board to sponsor you to make a giant, creepy, crazy & awesome art-house film.

    Seriously, the guy could probably composite the next Aardman feature film himself completely solo, within a deadline, while blindfolded.

    • Around a year ago I asked him about commissioning a music video for one of my songs. He said that he was booked up for the next year. So, at least at the time he certainly had no trouble finding paid work, and I have no reason to believe that has changed.

  • Tak

    @Cyriak, maybe you could even try setting up workshops & masterclasses around London. Ones that’re actually worth the price tag & time. I know a fair few friends & folks in london at Nexus, Escape Studios, blue-bolt who’d be interested.

  • secret goldfish

    Love it!! Crazy, strange and awesome!!

    Those aren’t just simple After Effects 3d layers though, at least not the ones I’m used to working with.

    Would love to know how he makes those very organic models/shapes in After Effects, anyone know? (3rd party plugs? The face smoke/exhaust for instance looks like it was achieved via a particle system like Trapcode Particular)

    Cryiak certainly does know how to push software and a simple idea

  • THE minimalist animator. ‘Love everything he does.

  • Michel Van

    welcome into wonderful mad mad mad mind of Cyriak
    Not only he has surrealistic vision of a Salvador Dali
    He has also the visual language of Terry Gilliam !

  • …and we’ll probably never find out either.

    Usually I know exactly how Cyriak does everything, technically, even if knowing just makes it worse and less fathomable. But this time I don’t mind admitting I really haven’t a clue. There must be some new or third-party bump map tools I haven’t tried yet?

  • Wow! I’m in a trance.. A trance of joy :)