<em>Bras d’Or Lakes</em> by Julia Deakin <em>Bras d’Or Lakes</em> by Julia Deakin

Bras d’Or Lakes by Julia Deakin

Promising debut film by Julia Deakin combining mixed media into a lush illustrative style. I especially liked the color choices. Animation is effective if not particularly adventurous. Music by The Hylozoists and Paul Aucoin.

  • Mitch Kennedy

    Not quite like the real Bras d’Or lakes where I’m from, but really really cool! Great colours, and great little mystic story. The music is cool, too!

  • Eric

    This video is amazing but I REALLY cant get enough of this song!! Never heard of The Hylozoists before but I picked up their album “L’Ile de Sept Villes” on iTunes and am currently being blown away!