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“Circus Drawings”, a New Short by Richard Williams

Richard Williams
Richard Williams in October 2010

Harvey Deneroff reported on his blog that 77-year-old animation legend Richard Williams premiered a new short called Circus Drawings at the 29th Pordenone Silent Film Festival in Italy last month.

In Williams’ own words, the film had been gestating for a long time:

“In 1953 I was a young artist of twenty, living in Spain near a village circus, where I drew the acrobats, clowns and onlookers. Twelve years later I filmed my drawings to an original score but didn’t complete the film. Now that I’m 77, I’ve finished the film by animating my original drawings.”

More details about Circus Drawings, taken from the film festival catalog, can be found on this blog. And while we’re on the subject of Williams, may I also recommend this interview with him from a few months ago.

  • Josh

    It had better be online soon!

  • Liam Scanlan

    I hope it goes online, too!

  • matt

    I can’t wait to see this. Online, downloadable, at a festival, anywhere. I’ve been looking forward to this since I attended the masterclass in Sydney in the late nineties and he and Mo talked about a “more abstract” film he was working on by himself.

    It’s been a while (not that he hasn’t been outrageously busy with the survival kit in it’s different forms), but it’s – almost – here at last and I couldn’t be more excited. And for Richard too. This really is the “small, personal” film he talked about it seems.

    • amid

      Matt – This is not the film that Williams has been working on forever. He mentions the other film in the interview I linked to above.

      • matt

        Ah yes you’re right! For some reason that didn’t sink in when I read it.

        I recall Richard saying something about his lifelong study of dancers. Maybe it could have something to do with that? Just guessing. Hope we don’t have to wait too long for that one.

        Thanks again Amid!

    • I was at that masterclass, too…

  • Brian

    Richard Williams… even just hearing his name brings upon this almost Pavlovian response in my brain and gets me pumped about working on animation.

    I feel like I need to be drawing now.

  • …Richard Williams is my hero, I need to see this short!

  • tomm

    argh. how do we see it ?

  • Doug

    It surprises me that there aren’t many more comments on this. To my ear, this is some of the most exciting news to come across the wire – a new short from Dick Williams? Holy crap. 77 and still going strong. And how many of us could return to the work from our 20s and find anything worth working on? I know I couldn’t. Go Richard go !!!!!!! And Amid, please keep us posted as to when and where and how we can see this short. Thanks.

  • I could also use a notification on when this film is available some where. Just haven’t gotten enough Dick Williams over the years, even though he’s always been active/

  • mike

    Amid / Anyone: Can we please have more info on how and when we can view this?

  • Friends who seen it tell me that the animation is just amazing.

  • i need the drawings of circus