<em>Combo</em> by Blu and David Ellis <em>Combo</em> by Blu and David Ellis

Combo by Blu and David Ellis

Chances are you’ve seen this film on every other site this week, but Combo, the latest work by Blu (Muto) and David Ellis is an epic mindtrip. Created in just under a week at the Fame festival in Italy.

  • That’s just absolutely incredible. I’m in awe.

  • Isaac


  • the cyclical nature of the piece reminds me of the similarly repetitious nature of the Theater of the Absurd movement.
    To me, though, the real marvel of this piece is how such a complicated project was completely in so short a space of time. very cool!

  • PH

    I’m a big fan of Blu’s work, but David Ellis leaves me cold (watching a painting done in time-lapse just bores the pants off me – it isn’t animation; though I do enjoy the incidental effects of time-lapse filming: moving shadows, clouds, random pixilation) and so I found this a bit of a wasted opportunity – I just kept waiting for the next bit of Blu. Two shots I did like though: the animating of the ‘holes in the wall’ face (OK, done by re-using the photos rather than progressive animation but it was a good effect) and the shot where Blu’s ‘clean’ animation of the legs that form from falling rings is juxtaposed with the incidental pixilation of figures in the foreground – the only time I really felt the two styles worked together.

    I think these kind of collaborations tend to lack the cohesion and continuity of one person’s train of thought, and result in less successful films.

  • Hoyt

    These guys never heard the words “labor saving device” in their lives. And that is a good thing. If they signed with a major Hollywood studio their work would be outsourced to hell and many people would be killed during stop motion filming accidents and word would not leak out for thirty years or more.

  • ambitious!

  • I really like BLU’s animation style, I actually saw his previous film up at Ottawa last year. It still blows my mind that someone can do that with buildings and walls. Kind of makes me wonder what Banksy the british street artist would do with animation.

  • Brilliant!Love them!:o)

  • Mind blowing! Great soundtrack too.