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Comic-Con 2016: Passion Pictures Is Making Rocket & Groot Shorts And The Test Footage Looks Incredible

At Comic-Con yesterday, Marvel unveiled an animation test for a series of Rocket Raccoon & Groot shorts that Passion Pictures is producing. Here’s the test for the series, called Rocket & Groot:

The shorts are being directed by Arnaud Delord, who is known for creating game cinematics with his creative partner Jérôme Combe under the moniker Arnaud & Jerome. His cinematic trailer for the game Agents of Mayhem was recently selected as our Pick of the Day.

No date is set for when the shorts will premiere, but they’ll air on Disney XD.

It has previously been announced that another talented pair of young French directors, Ugo Bienvenu and Kevin Manach, are working on a similar series of Ant-Man shorts for Marvel. Passion is also producing those shorts.

  • Flo

    Thanks for sharing !
    I was lucky enough to do the sound deisgn on that short !

    You can checkout my previous work here if you want :

  • Very topping test trailer, full of rule, but I need to ask you, fellow commenters: Who wants a larger-vocabularied Groot™?

    • Platynews

      no, the more characters with single lines in animation the best, Beep Beep !

    • Gerry

      I also do not. “Groot” will suffice just fine.

  • Dave 52

    Wow, I never thought this day would actually come. It’s like someone finally realized the art and designs of Skottie Young is perfect for the realm of animation and this footage perfectly proves that. It’s like the comic and art come to life it’s truly fantastic. I can not wait to see more.

    • AnimatedMadness

      Couldnt have said it better myself! This looks EXCELSIOR! The blend of hand-drawn and cgi animation is nothing short of incredible!

  • Tri

    This looks AMAZING. So beautifully animated. Wow!

  • GOATmaybe

    I understand making a full length tv show look like this must be insane but man would I’d love for a show to look like this.

  • Santosh OOmmen

    Amazing animation and what a great look and style. Skottie Young’s character work I presume.

  • amazing

    This looks great. Super excited to see what Ugo and Kevin do on Ant-Man

  • Chicken McPhee

    Scottie’s work has invaded every bit of the comics industry, to the point where I can’t look at another baby version of some character, but this looks *expletive deleted* cool!

  • Atomicpanda

    Looks really cool. It reminded me of the game WildStar in a way… And then I noticed that the guns Rocket uses are lifted right out of the game, like exactly. Those are low level engineer guns from WildStar. I don’t know if this is swiping or an homage (like I said, the animation looks very nice and WS inspired) or placeholders or totally legit, but those are definitely guns from WildStar. Very odd.