“D. A. D. Digital Amusement Device” By Mark Osberg

Funny well-timed animation and a cute concept in D. A. D. Digital Amusement Device by Brisbane, Australia-based Mark Osberg. He created the film in Flash and After Effects over 3 months.

  • http://www.milowerx.com Mike Milo

    Very cool! Great timing and well thought out! A clever piece!

  • http://909pop.com Mike S

    I liked that.

  • http://popyea.deviantart.com/ nick

    Aww, that kid is so cute.

  • http://theanimationgarden.blogspot.com.au/ Ian Lacey

    Very funny and well crafted. All class.

  • http://zeteos.blogspot.co.uk/ mick

    nice one. Full of great touches

  • http://mark-osberg.blogspot.com.au/ Mark Osberg

    Thanks for the positive feedback everyone and thankyou Cartoon Brew.

  • http://www.bobharper.net Bob Harper

    Nicely done, gets me inspired to learn After Effects!

  • http://farleftside.com Mike Stanfill

    One of the most overlooked part of any animation is the soundtrack. Though simple, this one used its sounds to great effect.

  • GW

    I like it, but I think that the dad robot starts going bonkers with too little provocation. It would have been more believable if he’d taken more effort to get the kid going down the slide.

  • http://www.oddballcomics.com Scott Shaw!

    I liked everything but the fart. Not that I’m particularly anti-fart (?) but its inclusion, especially where it happens, feels very forced and needless. In any event, D.A.D. is still impressive!

  • http://enigmation.de slowtiger

    Just perfect.

  • http://dailygrail.com/ Red Pill Junkie

    The end was a bit predictable, but funny all the same :)

  • http://www.sisterson.co.uk Dennis Sisterson

    Funny and stylish. Lovely work.

  • KB

    SUPURB !! Great design, timing, and story!

  • http://www.terrybiddle.com TBiddy

    Awesome piece. Pitch perfect.