“Fa Fha Pha” by Gary Schwartz “Fa Fha Pha” by Gary Schwartz

“Fa Fha Pha” by Gary Schwartz

Here’s an annual tradition from the Ottawa International Animation Festival that deserves more press. Every year during the festival, animator and professor Gary Schwartz shoots an experimental short–in exactly one day. This year, Gary used the striking techno-detritus festival awards, created by sculptor Tick Tock Tom, as the inspiration for his one-day stop-motion piece Fa Fha Pha.

  • Gary Did something like this for the Kalamazoo Animation Festival International in 2009. It was a workshop with students and completed the film in 6 hours.


  • w

    That was awesome. Thanks for posting that one, Amid! Gary’s work is almost always fun.

  • Gary’s a good guy.

    This project is a great signifier of the Ottawa Festival. It’s an art-driven, idiosyncratic few days. Sometimes frustrating but always thoughtful and with the intention of making something memorable.

    Tick Tock Tom’s sculptures may be the coolest trophies in the awards business, too.

  • YAY! It’s nice to see some new Gary Schwartz animation, he is one of the most dedicated people in animation and creative to boot. He was also my favorite professor back in DETROIT!

  • Spencer

    Cool stuff!

  • It speaks to me of man’s inhumanity to man as juxtaposed against the downfall of Western civilization.

    Seriously – Great Fun! There’s an immediacy and energy that comes from film making on the fly. Great visuals and the audio track fits perfectly! Nice!

  • Brad Pattullo

    Great job Gary!

  • Brooke Keesling

    Hooray for Gary Schwartz!