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“Fester Goes Fishing” by Aaron Long

We featured a Fester Fish cartoon last year on Cartoon Brew. Now cartoonist Aaron Long is back to delight us with another six minute Fleischer/Iwerks-inspired musical masterpiece: Fester Goes Fishing!

  • James Mason

    Much more polished this time around, and I approve of the more solid 30s feel compared to the last one. Humor’s about on par with the last. Definitely more of a Fleischer influence than anything. Derivative, sure, but necessary when experimenting with new styles.

    Outside of Fester and Poseidon, the voices are pretty grating–more annoying than funny. Also, I’m not much for the 4th wall “Fester is a fish” type stuff, but that might be more of a personal quibble.

    • zac

      Considering that only one person animated just over six and a half minutes by himself I’d say it was pretty good. Whateryou his art director?

      • Anoniguy

        Because slavish praise is all anyone should have for one man productions, right?

  • tedzey

    I would like to have my girlfriend back, please… AND I’M ALL OUT OF BUBBLEGUM!!!!!!

    Now that’s going to be stuck in my head all day! Thank you, Aaron Long and you flubbery fish of fun!!

  • “No one loves Poseidon…”

    Hehehe. Great comedic timing, fun story, nice animation on Fester.

  • Dino

    This is great! Funny character, rubbery animation, and inventive gags. The “derivative” comment above seems misplaced to me, considering how much of the industry is about recycling cliches. Fester is fresh by comparison. Kudos, Aaron.

  • Give this crazy kid his own series.

  • I was wondering where he disappeared to. Nice work.

  • Sat

    That made me happy. More Fester Fish please!

  • Wow, it’s so much fun to see another episode! I love the free-spirited energy of these shorts. It feels like Aaron made it fast but still took the time to polish it as much as it required. I like how much the girlfriend was involved in this one. I hope that the Bluto-like “Poseidon” character is recurring in future episodes, and that he’s never the same persona twice. I did miss the presence of “Slightly Smaller Fish”. I was waiting for him to show up and say “I’m bored” at some point. A part of me wishes that the characters were never aware of the fact that he’s a fish who goes fishing. Congratulations, Aaron, you did it again.

  • Excellent Jim Tyer style animation!

  • Tom

    Awesome! I loved the first one and I love this one. There was nothing as funny as the original’s dock gag, but I really enjoyed all the cartoon animation of Fester sneaking / running around.

  • This was awesome!!! Really enjoyed it. Though I liked Fester Fish the most, not so much the more realistic girlfriend or Poseidon. Fester Fish being a mullet = win. I mean a river bass. A mullet in local lingo means … a nut. I lol’d when he realized he was fishing though he himself was a fish. And the mouth-breathing fish. Those few seconds were my absolute favourite.

  • Awesome stuff, Aaron! Really like the animation. Wanted to ask you how you’re scoring your own stuff. What programs you’re using, etc. Turned out pretty entertaining, dude!

  • SO AWESOME!!! Funn-ee! Great job :)

  • Best cartoon I’ve seen all year!!!!

  • cbat628

    This was great! These Fester the Fish shorts are really shaping up to be the cherry topper to my day. My only wish is to see another one of Aaron Long’s Space Goose shorts, but I realize he’s probably a busy person. Besides, I’m grateful that he’s still doing his best to put out genuinely funny, original work.

    Also, I really digged the Al Hirschfeld shout-out.

  • Sarah (with an h)

    Ha! Very nice. I also enjoyed the random They Live reference. :D

  • Bud

    What an ADORABLE little cartoon.

  • uncle wayne

    i adored it. The song is reminiscent of Bluto’s “Sinbad” one, and some of the “takes” even give us a quick zip of C. Rasinski! I LUV it!

    • David Breneman

      I was thinking the exact same thing. A very strong Bluto as Sinbad vibe in that character.

  • MattBell

    I know that it’s meant to be a Fleischer/Iwerks-inspired cartoon.

    But for me the humor, music and the main character feel more like they’re inspired from The Neverhood.
    Which certainly isn’t a bad thing.

    It had me chuckling aloud a few times with all of the great little homages along side its own wacky inventiveness.

    Great job Mr Aaron Long, thanks for the laughs!

  • Keegan

    TERRIBLE VOICE ACTING but the rest was fantastic. Nice gags.

  • Very choice! At the end I though the gf was about to say “Not really, I can’t breath under water”, and pass out, iris out. Instead she just wobbled. I loved her drunken unbalanced motion. I’d like to see more elaborate backgrounds (though the ride sequence was perfect). Some of the gags we’re a tad obvious, but being in a sense a tribute that’s fine. I shouldn’t nitpick, I haven’t put that much effort into anything of my own. It entertained, inspired, drew me in, and made me jealous. Job done.

  • Beautiful. It feels very genuine despite its modern animation and music tech. The voices and audio recording are much improved over the previous adventure. Fester cracks me up.

  • That’s a wonderful one-man effort.

    Everyone who gets into animation dreams of doing something like that, but Aaron Long did.

  • Nicola

    So awesome :D I was really sucked into this one.

  • Another home run! Delightfully cartoony, well done Aaron!

  • Wonderful. Aaron, I loved the timing and was totally drawn in. Thought the voice acting was great. jeeze, I hope you continue to have the time to do more.

  • Ben

    This was great. I liked that some of the gags seemed predictable, but then went another direction. Like the “Hey, wait a minute…that picture was crooked!” bit. The drunken girlfriend was kind of cute, in my opinion. I like that she put deodorant on her lips, and then lost balance & fell down. It’s just a bit more adult, which I liked. I hope he gets a series. I would love to see what he could do with a bigger budget.

  • Hi everybody! Thank you SO MUCH for posting my cartoon again, Jerry! I really appreciate it. It helps so much to get the exposure from the Brew, particularly because I’m pretty clueless when it comes to self-promotion.

    To answer Chris Allison’s question about the music, I mainly used a midi keyboard along with the program Keyrig49, recorded into Audacity. I also used some real banjo and guitar.

    If anybody else has questions, feel free to ask!

  • Doug Drown

    I loved it! What a hoot. Well-written, well-animated, and funny. I agree . . . this deserves wider exposure.

  • This just cracks me up! I love how he walks around the scenes. The voices are really funny and it looks like the rubber-hose cartoons. The dock scene was great as well.

    Keep these coming…

  • I like that he put a necktie on the doorknob.
    Nice work with the rubber hose animation.
    great fun.

  • Great gags! I like that they’re more modern takes on old cornball gags. Way to go dude!

  • TJR

    “But then who’s going to Mambo with me?…..and take me to my optometrist appointments” ??? LMAO!!!!

    I was laughing so hard when Poseidon was beating him up too.

  • Nice job, Aaron.

    On a side note, Aaron, I dig your Disney-pouted Betty Boop cover from GAC!

  • Squozen

    “I nearly fell i..”

    Perfect timing.