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“Fester Makes Friends” by Aaron Long

It’s always a good day when animator Aaron Long releases a new Fester Fish cartoon. We’ve featured the previous two and now here’s the third – in which Fester realizes nobody likes him, and tries to make some new friends. Long took about a year to make it; all in Flash, coloring the backgrounds in Photoshop.

  • Mitchel P. Kennedy

    This kid is on fire!

  • Julian

    Wow, this is excellent! And he did it all by himself? It looked like something that was made in a studio for a tv show. Actually, it looks fresher and better than most current stuff I’ve seen made that way. This is the kind of Indie I want to keep seeing in the future. Stuff that gives Nick and CN a run for their money. Keep it up Aaron!

  • I love Aaron’s work.

  • Aaron makes a cartoon that’s physically and aesthetically better, and funnier, than anything on current television. All by himself in a year. How many ANIMATION ROCKSTARS can make that claim?! Give Fester Fish his own show already.

  • Another great Fester cartoon! Congrats Aaron! You can see Fester cartoons on my Kustomonsters show (#7) on AMGTV! Excellent work!

  • I dunno how he did it, but Aaron made the third Fester surpass the original two. The timing, the art, the animation, everything looks much more polished this time around. (Case in point: the hallway scene. Just wow.) I loved how the short played with the audience’s expectations (especially with the paranoid man) and the ending left me in stitches. OH, and I got quite a chuckle at the Poseidon flyer skillfully placed at 3:02. Don’t blink or you’ll miss it.

    This was totally worth the wait. Well played, Mr. Long.

  • Awesome work! Now, about bringing back Space Goose . . .

  • I really love these Fester Fish shorts. The latest one is gold, too.

    And yes, this needs to be a TV series.

  • Matt

    Long Live Mr Aaron Long.
    A good man of the cartoon religion.
    Animate and Prosper.

  • larry

    Very funny and really well animated.

  • sam

    Aaron has really blossomed into an incredible animator/filmmaker. Good job Aaron!

  • A new FESTER! It’s like xmiss morning.

  • I love these cartoons. Aaron should go on Kickstarter and make more Festers and get paid for it. I’ll give him money!