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“Fester’s Christmas Fiasco” by Aaron Long

I’m a big fan of Aaron Long’s Fester Fish cartoons. Here’s his latest – a Christmas Special – which was created on an abbreviated schedule: in three weeks.

  • Perfect setup—no stone unturned or opportunity missed. Loved Santa being left to an offscreen fate. And I had a hunch about that shadowy figure’s identity; I’m glad I was right.

  • Two Fester shorts in one year?? Well played, Mr. Long. And within a 3 week timespan to boot.

    Man, just about everyone made an appearance in this short – even the anonymous woman Fester tried to help cross the street in “Makes Friends” ended up being the nurse! I love the Fester shorts and this was surely no exception, especially for how quickly it was produced. (I take it the snow gag was a nod to that.)

    Great job all around.

  • jake

    This is great! I really enjoy Aaron Long’s Fester Fish, but at the same time I refuse to believe he’s responsible for all the music. I mean, isn’t some of those songs real christmas songs that already exist?

    • Aaron wrote Jingle Bells with his left hand while his right was inking and coloring.

      • derik

        You forgot to mention he was also blindfolded while balancing on a broom.

  • I was pretty sure she was going to be accepted because she drinks like a fish.

  • Wow! Thanks again for the exposure, Jerry! Merry Christmas and happy holidays to everybody!

  • Another gem better than any contemporary TV product – and made on an even more brutal schedule. Aaron, please keep making as many of these as you possibly can– not just to shut the guys always whining about budgets and restrictions up, but because they’re great cartoons.

  • I’ve never been so impressed with production schedule as I am right now.
    Funny, charming and fantastic animation.

  • Skip

    These are beginning to grow on me.

  • Truly demented. And highly recommended!