“Fruit, Juice! Protein?” by Tavis Silbernagel “Fruit, Juice! Protein?” by Tavis Silbernagel

“Fruit, Juice! Protein?” by Tavis Silbernagel

“Man, I loves me some retro-animation!”

I personally cannot get enough of the current spate of short films that are affectionate homages to silent era, vintage Hollywood and golden-age TV. Canadian animator (and Spumco veteran) Tavis Silbernagel made a little silent-era goodie with Nick Cross few years back. Says Silbernagel of this film:

“It’s an independent film I did a few years after I graduated college. I worked with Nick Cross on it and we produced it from start to finish in two weeks time. There was a lull of work at the studio we were at and we decided to team up on two shorts. One of which was ‘Fruit, Juice! Protein?’. I’m a fan of whimsical names and next to my first sketch of the character in my drawing book was a very bland shopping list: Fruit juice protein. I’ve been developing the idea over the years and it’s expanded quite a bit. Right now I’m working on a game for the storyline and I’m very excited about it. Combining such an old style of animation with the world of gaming and interactive media is a novel idea and I can’t wait to see how it’s recieved.”

(Thanks, Michael Valiquette)

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  • Levi

    Tavis was taking a 3D course while I was a first year student learning 2D back at VanArts in 2006. He wasn’t there very long, but he was a very nice guy, and could tell he had a passion for this stuff.

  • My favorite part was the “Joy Lab Pictures” logo. I want more of that.

  • Ha! Love it!

  • Wow, that is really freaky but awesome! It’s very Fleischer-esque or more like Disney’s early “Alice” cartoons.

  • Wonderful. Compelling. Joyously killing and eating a small frightened thing is always good for a laugh. The fruit creature’s internal detail – a single bone supporting the pulpy body mass – is fascinating for some reason.

  • Christopher Smigliano

    Heh.I take it that was the “Protein”..

  • Tav

    Thanks everyone for the great comments and thanks Jerry for posting fjp!!

  • Nice one Tavis… I’ve seen it before of course but that doesn’t stop it being a ‘nice one’ Tavis… All the best to you, ya none blog updating springynipple