Gisele Kerozene Gisele Kerozene

Gisele Kerozene

Our recent posts about Stop, Look and Listen reminded Brew reader Kermyt Anderson of another pixilation film he saw a few years ago about witches, using the same technique. He wrote to me asking about it, but I’d never heard of it myself. Coincidentally Kermyt just found it on You Tube (below) and I found it on No Fat Clips. It’s titled Gisele Kerozene, by Jan Kounen. It won the Grand Prix du Court-Métrage at the Avoriaz (France) Fantastic Film Festival in 1989.

Looks like Kounen and crew had just as much fun as Menville and Janson did while making their film.

  • Chuck R.

    This was included on Expanded Entertainment’s 22nd Tournee of Animation (along with the German short “Balance”) I remember being impressed by the technique —pure lo-tech zany fun! Thanks for the link!

  • I’m glad you posted this! I remember the clip of the red-guy getting shot in the arse with a blow-dart from the ads on those old “Expanded Entertainment” VHS’s I watched when I was like 10, it always freaked me out! Pretty wild stuff.

  • slowtiger

    The idea of some guys chasing each other in pixillation seems to have spread in the 60’s. I remember a nice clip of that kind which was included in german’s children television programming, where the good guy used a banana peel on the bad guy. Of course I had to try this myself, on Super 8, in the 70’s. Still a nice technique.

  • Chris Sobieniak

    Heh, being reminded of those Expanded Entertainment videos again, and how I stumbled across one of the International Tournee of Animation videos while at the public library downtown about 12-13 years ago and just loved watching that stuff!

  • Love film effect animation, reminds me of the old Norman McLaren experimental stuff and his NFB shorts. Nice!

  • Ryan

    I have this on DVD, you can get it too here!

  • I found a DVD containing this short at my local Dollarama store (a Canadian chain where everything costs a loonie), titled Animation From Around the World or some such thing. Come to think of it, I think the disc was just a grey market copy of the 22nd Tournee of Animation (with Balance as well).

    I also found a Clutch Cargo DVD…for a buck, who could resist?