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“Hammer And Hand” by Colin Hesterly

Seattle-based animator/designer Colin Hesterly is the Creative Director of the filmmaking agency The Academy. Check out their first hand-drawn film, its very short, but its pretty spectacular.

Says Hesterly, “Hammer & Hand follows the mysterious journey of one man creating something bigger and better than himself”. Some cool behind the scenes material is posted here. Character Design and animation is by Yassir Rasan.

  • Jeremy

    Looks cool =)

  • DJ Scott

    Looks like they have more planned for this, seems more of a trailer than a short.

  • Nicely stylish evocation of a time and place. Reminds me of Superman’s appeal.

  • Michel Van

    wonderful classical looking Animation
    i hope this only a Trailer
    and there comes more, sometimes…

  • liam

    colin did an amazing job animating this, love the work on his site too.

  • Amazing, I wish it was longer, the style is beautiful

  • James Madison


  • Topher

    It makes me think that it is a trailer because the title comes at the end, also really digging the 1930’s-ish constructivist design

  • BetaRayBill

    Looks a little Randian to me – John Galt building his tower and all. But still interesting, and I look forward to more.