<em>How to Make a Baby</em> <em>How to Make a Baby</em>
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How to Make a Baby

Cassidy Curtis, an animator at PDI/DreamWorks, and his wife, Raquel Coelho, created this charming pixilated short that also serves as a document of a pregnancy. The extensive notes on how they made it are worth reading:

Animating over such a long period of time, using an increasingly pregnant woman as one of your puppets, means basically throwing out everything you might normally do in an animated film. For example, early on, we had this idea that we should wear the same clothes every time, for continuity’s sake. But as Raquel’s pregnancy developed, we soon discovered that the extra effort required to change in and out of our uniforms was going to interfere with the goal of shooting as many frames as possible, and might even prevent us from finishing the project at all. We dialed down the perfectionism, and in the process ended up having a lot more fun with it.

(via A Cup of Jo)

  • GameOverGirl

    I love this!

  • Nice work!

    Oh, and the short was funny too :-D

  • So that’s where babies come from…

  • Brilliantly brilliant!

    Congrats to Cassidy and Raquel, for the baby and the film.

  • Bobby D.

    Really cute. It reminds me of the a time-lapse thing that a guy who lived somewhere in Europe, (I can’t recall where), made. He shot a photograph of his child in the same pose, every day from baby to adult. Thanks for this one Amid.

  • Wow. How neat. They will forever be glad they made that film.

  • tony mccarson

    It’s creepy to me. but it’s a good film.

  • That’s very funny and creative. Rather timely too…my wife and I are expecting and found out yesterday it’s a boy. :)

  • Bryan

    don’t forget that Raquel is an animator too. I believe at Tippett

  • Matt Sullivan

    Very clever. And a cute kid to boot :}

  • G. Melissa Graziano

    Super cute! :D
    And nicely done. :)

  • cookiepuss

    Meh. Just think of how much better this would’ve been if a Pixar couple had made it.

  • That was worth all the work. If only it were that easy!

  • haha Raquel you and Cassidy are totally awesome. Congrats on the baby!!!!

  • hahahaha! its really cracked me up !! LOVE IT !

  • Couldn’t stop notice cookiepuss nonsense comment. I can easily picture you watching a episode of FRIENDS wondering how great it would be if pixar has done it. :D

  • Say now, that’s not how WE made our babies! This way looks way more fun. I feel robbed. Congrats to Cassidy & Raquel — very cute short! And very cute baby, too!

  • Siamang

    “Meh. Just think of how much better this would’ve been if a Pixar couple had made it.”

    …. wins the thread.

  • Fred Sparrman

    I KNEW you could get pregnant from oral sex.

  • John A

    And to think, all this time my wife and I have been doing it the hard way…

  • Dewey McGuire

    Oh, dear. And for fifteen years, I’VE been doing it the hard way.

  • very cute idea :-)

    So… just wondering… the books on the bookshelf….. for all those months…. was it planned NOT to move them at all, as part of the composition OR
    did it just turn out that way unsuspectingly due to the busyness of life ?

  • Someone

    “Meh. Just think of how much better this would’ve been if a Pixar couple had made it.”

    Wow, best commenton this whole block.

  • Julian Carter

    The person who keeps quoting “cookiepuss” is really starting to annoy me.

    Great animation Cassidy! You and your wife make the cutest couple! =)