<em>It Was A Dark And Silly Night</em> <em>It Was A Dark And Silly Night</em>

It Was A Dark And Silly Night

A Neil Gaiman story, designed by Gahan Wilson, directed by Steven-Charles Jaffe.

(Thanks, Mac Cauley)

  • That boy’s voice has to be Shin Chan’s on Adult Swim.

  • me encanta! This is super-appealing animation & design, I like the fact they used such cute drawings to contrast with the ghoulish story material, instead of going the usual Tim Burton-esque route of dark imagery and spindly, grotesque characters.

  • Ryan

    Truly one of the best things I’ve seen in a long time. Love Gahan Wilson, love Art Spiegelman, love Neil Gaiman, somehow never gotten round to getting those Dark & Silly Night books. Is this going to be a series, or a special DVD perhaps?

  • That’s some good lookin’ stuff… anyone know what it was created “for”? Cheers to all involved, that was a really unusually brilliant piece of work, apparently done right here in NYC, no?

  • I little predictable, but perfectly adorable, and really well executed. I love the style and how smoothly it was animated in that style.

  • I’m not gonna act like I know anything about animation or anything, but I would have rather seen a more original and unconventional animation style to go with Gahan Wilson’s designs. I thought the animation had a really cliched school-learnt look to it that distracted me.

  • Patrice

    lovely animation!

    thanks for sharing!

  • Brad Constantine

    Just Fantastic!! That was the best animated Gahan Wilson I’ve ever seen! They really made it great with all of the subtlety and character bits. After seeing so many flash cutout animations lately, It’s great to see draw-rings really coming to life like that again..

  • John A

    Proof that cel animation and computers can mutually co-exist. Fun short.

  • ha! that’s adorable!!! awesome 2D animation! fun story too, and i’ve never seen character design like that… i thought it looked weird at first, but it works beautifully. WOOT! thanks for posting it, Jerry! :)

  • This is an adaptation of one of the comics in the third volume of Little Lit, all of the stories in which are called “It Was a Dark and Silly Night…” My bother has this volume and the second one and I too would like to know why one one of them was chosen to be animated…

  • There’s also a NYC screening of the doc this Friday! I wonder if this animated short is part of that?:


  • So great!

  • This was actually animated here in New Zealand by Flux Animation!!

  • “Proof that cel animation and computers can mutually co-exist. Fun short.”

    You mean… like children & corpses?? :-P

    Awesome short.

  • Gill

    Oh, I love this.

  • Martin

    The animation had a “cliched, school-learnt look” to it. Does A.M. Bush mean skill? This short showcases the best animation that top flight designer Gahan Wilson’s work ever got. It seems a bit talky but it was based on a talky book.

  • maxeythecat

    Beautiful animation, design by Gahan Wilson and story by Neil Gaiman….sigh…what more can a toonhead ask for?? LOVE it!

  • What a kick to see Gahan Wilson animated! I think he’s as funny as ever in his “New Yorker” cartoons, though not quite as sick as his “National Lampoon” stint in the raunchy Seventies. I wonder if fellow NatLamp cartoonist Charles Rodriguez’ drawings have ever been given movement.

  • I thought this was great! Love Gahan Wilson, and think the animation perfectly complemented his already squishy drawing style.

  • Rodrigo

    Engrossing animation style and cute.

    Horrible horrible voice acting.

  • That was fun. A very different style of animation. I want more…

  • Best Wilson interpretation I’ve EVER seen. Will someone *PLEASE* animate “Nuts”?

  • norreim

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