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Juiced and Jazzed

We linked to a preview of Justin Weber’s Juiced and Jazzed a few months ago, but now the whole film is viewable online at liquorflicker.com

The cartoon began as Weber’s senior film at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design. It was completed at MAKE in Minneapolis. Weber writes:

“I graduated in December 2008, having completed a black and white version of the cartoon, I was employed at MAKE, a design studio in Minneapolis that specializes in motion graphics and animation. There, with the help of fellow MCAD graduates Andrew Chesworth, Aaron Quist, and Joe Kim, we colored and finished the cartoon. It premiered at the Palm Springs International ShortFest in June and won 2nd Place in the Animation category.”

The cartoon features the recordings “The Uptown Lowdown” by Joe Venuti and “The Charelston” by Spike Jones. I always have a soft spot for “retro-30s” rubber hose tributes like this. Well done, Justin.

  • Anthony

    This was excellent. Kinda has a very, VERY slight Jim Davis feel to it, not to demean the work in any way though, I like the style of his work too. I wish I could see the black and white version, especially the “death” scene. Superb.

  • Entertaining short. I hope he makes more cartoons.

  • Great stuff. Love it!

  • FUN ! I like it !

  • That was very entertaining and well done!

  • Super hyper-mega ultra WOW!

    This short is beyond Swellness!

    Congratulations to the crew who brought it to life!

  • sporridge

    And one of the pugilists bears a slight resemblance to Spike Jones! Brilliant hit-and-run gag work here — hope Justin’s considering a series.

  • I really loved this.

    I hope we get more from him. Maybe he could influence some people to work on making pure cartoon bliss like this more often.

  • Cricket

    I was gonna say one of the fighters looked like James Cagney, but Cagney was a dead ringer for Spike Jones. The animation when the liquor first takes hold is especially powerful stuff.

  • Villy Von Vusen

    How come she went to Hell at the end? For drinking? I thought that it was implied that it was her first time drinking. Sorry if I’m examining it too closely. Just seems odd is all.

  • Andre

    Loved the animation, the character design and especially the music! Can’t go wrong with ol’ “four-string Joe” and Spike Jones!

  • Saturnome

    Best looking animation I’ve seen in a long time. Crazy.

  • doug holverson

    This also reminds me of the occasional pseudo-rubber hose animation from Tiny Toons and Animaniacs.

  • I’m very impressed! I enjoyed this short very much.

  • This was the cat’s pajamas. Love the music and the freedom of this. Now I’m going to watch some Betty Boop cartoons.

  • Justin has done a very good job at making me happy. but he has a secret. all the reds in this cartoon are composed of the blood of children! sorry to spoil it, but if the dvd came out it probably would have been in the commentary node anyhow. aside from that, well done, justin!

  • Adam

    This one of the best new cartoons I’ve ever seen! As a fan of Fleischer cartoons, Spike Jones music and the 1920’s I love this cartoon! Great character design too. I feel this would make a great series. There aren’t too many cartoons that take place during the roaring twenties. One of my final animations for school was set in the 1920’s, but the animation and story quality is nothing compared to this!

  • Wonderful film!