<em>La Main des Maîtres</em> <em>La Main des Maîtres</em>

La Main des Maîtres

Here’s an incredible four minute film – a student film – from France’s Georges Méliès School. The filmmakers are Vivien Chauvet (“Looky”), Adrien Toupet and Clément Delatre; their short, La Main des Maîtres (The Hand of the Masters), mixes an anime influence with steampunk and Art Nouveau. An English subtitled version is on You Tube, Vimeo version below has better picture quality:

(via No Fat Clips)

  • Isaac

    The quality of the animation is excellent, without even considering that it’s a student film. The anime concepts, timing, and posing just grate on me, though.

  • it’s hard to believe that this is a student film. I wished more of the ‘professional’ feature films would look like this. lookwise very interesting as well, the combination of traditional and CG. gives me hope…

  • Bob

    Wonderful to look at — sickening violence!

  • Wow. That was one of the fast 4 minutes I’ve ever experienced. Beautiful film!

  • The most stunning 4 minute piece I’ve seen in quite a while. I don’t know if I’m more impressed with how well all the mediums they used are combined so seamlessly, or more so with how moved I was in such a short amount of time.

  • Awesome stuff! Loved the REM movements of her eyes while she was hooked up to the machine!

  • Warhead

    Great stuff! they get across a lot in 4 minutes, don’t they?

  • I remember seeing this at Annecy last year… Although it’s pretty looking, I couldn’t help but wonder… what was the point?

  • Mark

    Very cool, even with the Japanese cartoon influence.

  • High-Minded Civilian

    What’s all this “it’s cool despite its unfortunate and quality-hindering Japanese influence” crap?

  • I’m a lot more excited about “student films” like these than some “professional” stuff nowadays. I’m actually inclined to believe (or hope) that “La Main des Maîtres” may just be a pitch for a future full length film. Wouldn’t it be great if that got made :)

  • Caresse

    Ah! I love this! It seamlessly combines the mediums while employing each medium meaningfully – using them for what they’re best at – 3D for accuracy and 2D for fluidity of movement.

    If Adrien Toupet and Clément Delatre read this – I’d be interested in seeing how it was story-boarded and hearing about how it was executed.

  • mrscriblam

    “What’s all this “it’s cool despite its unfortunate and quality-hindering Japanese influence” crap?”

    anime gets a pretty bad rap because of a lot of the fans/ cartoons like naruto/ etc

    its really really unfair to even allow such things to cross your mind when watching wonderful pieces of work such as this.

  • ZAR

    Magnificent! Now this is something I’d like to see in the cinemas – in feature length!

  • Hey guys,

    Thank you all for your comments, it’s much appreciated !

    @ Caresse : Feel free to go to our website, you’ll be able to see some artworks, including light boards and color boards made by Looky in the gallery :

    We also have an English interview here, which may give you more details, if you are interested in the making process :