“Lipsmackers by Beercan Rd.” by Sachio Cook “Lipsmackers by Beercan Rd.” by Sachio Cook

“Lipsmackers by Beercan Rd.” by Sachio Cook

Lipsmackers by Beercan Rd. is a 2011 thesis film produced at the School of Visual Arts by Sachio Cook. The film has a quirky tone, stylishly mixing the mundane real world with fantastical elements. Some of the storytelling lacks clarity, but the overall effect (as well as the artwork) is charming. According to her LinkedIn page, Sachio works at Titmouse as an assistant animator. I hope she continues making independent films, too.

  • Magic!

    Really nice!! Love the colors and overall look of it. :)

  • I enjoyed this immensely, and I’m not even sure what was happening. I was really impressed by the character designs and backgrounds, and I felt a lot of depth to the subject matter, even though it didn’t totally make sense to me. It felt like a segment from a larger film.

    I also want to see more from Sachio!

  • tedzey

    I agree Amid! It’s a change in narrative when we get to see more independent animation! This one was more experimental, and focused more on the characters and the way each perceives their world rather than a clean cut story 90% of every animated feature film/short follows.


  • Zach Bellissimo

    Sachio KNOWS HOW ITS DONE!!!

  • Iritscen

    Very impressive, even though I too was not sure I could follow the story. It’s refreshing to see female characters done by women — I’m reminded a little of the no-frills and sometimes eccentric ladies in Kate Beaton’s work. Would gladly watch a series about these characters.

  • Congrats on gettin’ the front page, Sachio!! :D

  • E. L. Kelly

    Despite these off-beat characters milling about in their off-beat rural Nowhere, Miss Cook has done quite a job making the whole set-up rather attractive. I want to go where these characters are and meet them, see their warm-hued, colorful surroundings. Judging by their voices, I’d say they reside somewhere in the temperate U. S. Midwest. There’s a loose sense of story, but it seems that Cook wanted to depict the pace of life, not dramatize it.

  • Calin Fernandez

    Sachio is a fine artiste! I love the saturated colors, the lush background, and the peculiar characters. Looking forward to seeing more!