“Lonely Little Teacup” by Linnea Sterte “Lonely Little Teacup” by Linnea Sterte

“Lonely Little Teacup” by Linnea Sterte

Linnea Sterte is an artist living in Stockholm Sweden. Lonely Little Teacup is her first film, a poignant little film that’s as soothing as a cup of… tea.

  • Are these supposed to be sexual metaphors?
    I thought the ending would confirm that but it seemed to indicate otherwise.

    This film isn’t soothing at all, it’s sad!

  • JJ

    looks a little too close to the designs from Adventure Time

  • the text in the beginning reads ‘a film by I hate it already’. It reminded me more of Ivan Maximov than Adventure Time really.

  • LOVE it!

  • alan

    thats just made my night. ta.

  • Linnea

    Thanks again for posting it. I’ll work harder on the design next time : )

  • i liked it :)

  • Natalie

    I don’t find it sad at all! It defitnitely has sexual overtones, but in the end the teacup doesn’t need anyone else for satisfaction. A metaphor for self-reliance. That’s a good thing!