“Lonely Little Teacup” by Linnea Sterte

Linnea Sterte is an artist living in Stockholm Sweden. Lonely Little Teacup is her first film, a poignant little film that’s as soothing as a cup of… tea.

  • http://popyea.deviantart.com/ nick

    Are these supposed to be sexual metaphors?
    I thought the ending would confirm that but it seemed to indicate otherwise.

    This film isn’t soothing at all, it’s sad!

  • JJ

    looks a little too close to the designs from Adventure Time

  • http://kontrapunktus.blogspot.com erik

    the text in the beginning reads ‘a film by I hate it already’. It reminded me more of Ivan Maximov than Adventure Time really.

  • http://www.studiosoi.de/blog jakob

    LOVE it!

  • alan

    thats just made my night. ta.

  • Linnea

    Thanks again for posting it. I’ll work harder on the design next time : )

  • http://keithquest.blogspot.com Arran

    i liked it :)

  • Natalie

    I don’t find it sad at all! It defitnitely has sexual overtones, but in the end the teacup doesn’t need anyone else for satisfaction. A metaphor for self-reliance. That’s a good thing!