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“Losing Nemo” Uses Animation to Warn of Overfishing

Aside from its cheeky title, there is little to smile at in Losing Nemo, a grim short that warns about industrial overfishing and the accelerating loss of aquatic biodiversity which could lead to oceans that are largely empty of marine life within the next fifty years.

The film was directed and written by Dutch filmmaker Douwe van der Werf in collaboration with Black Fish, a marine conservation movement. It was produced by an international crew of over thirty people who did the work pro bono over the course of five months. The filmmakers have a Tumblr to share art from the film’s production as well as a website that fact-checks the issues discussed in the film.

  • Dana B

    Us humans are a real piece of work, thinking that all goods just pop out of thin air with nothing to worry about. But seriously, this stuff always scares me. People will just keep taking and taking until there’s nothing left, and that’s not just with fish. The world is in a nosedive to a dire obscurity. It can pull back the yoke if it wanted to, but it’d rather shuffle its’ bills and feel self-sufficient.

    (…Yeah, had to vent a little. Sorry.) Anywho, this short is well done. Has a good mix of 2D and 3D to get the message through. Kudos to everyone that worked to make this possible.

    • Douwe van der Werf

      Thank you so much! It was a lot of work, but well-worth it in retrospect!

    • SarahJesness

      Oy, what makes it worse is when it becomes a cycle. A certain animal is overhunted and becomes rare as a result… And that just causes people to want to go after the animal even more, making it harder to get support to put restrictions on anything.

  • James Madison

    Great, informative short. Animation is a great vehicle to open dialogue on these issues. I would hope someone commission the same team to do a short on bees as well.

    As Dana B said, Kudos everyone that worked to make this possible.

    • Douwe van der Werf

      Thanks from me and the entire team ;-)

  • Douwe van der Werf


  • Douwe van der Werf

    Interesting fact: the FV Margiris is the ship formerly know as ‘Abel Tasman’, the ship is featured in ‘Losing Nemo’.

  • SarahJesness

    Yikes, I can’t believe there’s a boat going around with a net that big! Of course you’re going to get a lot of bycatch.

  • Fishink

    Wonderful work and a valuable message

  • leon

    what a huge net. I didn’t know that.
    And, how comfortable are we, not knowing tha whole industry that is behind every product of the supermarket. Much of them are worked with unsustainable procedures for the primary resources.
    Not only we have to investigate and donate, we have to stop consuming things that put in danger the sustainability of the resources.
    Let’s be more concious of the environment where we live. Let’s behave like concious humans and not like irresponsible animals.