Love & Theft by Andreas Hykade

It’s fun to see a talented filmmaker like Andreas Hykade (Ring of Fire, Runt) explore a different direction in his work. The cleverness of Love & Theft‘s morphing animation loops grasped my attention, and as a bonus, the psychedelic imagery is filled with animation references, not only to cartoon characters but also to filmmakers (see if you can identify Bill Plympton and Ryan Larkin).

(Thanks, Charlie)

  • Karen

    Amazing. I felt like I just took some really good psychedelics–with the only side effect being that I wanted to watch it again. And again.

    Thanks for posting!

  • Scott McCloud meets Jim Woodring – that’s what I thought first, but it evolved into a typical Hykade. Masterful. And I think his title effect is a First, haven’t ever seen something like this.

  • Alan

    Superb – perfect inspiration to start the day. thank you!

  • Phil

    Ha! I did see Ryan in there. Slipped right in.

    Stunning piece of work!

  • Beautiful! Andreas Hykade is one of my favorite contemporary animators, and this one is clearly inspired by yet another favorite artist, Jim Woodring.

    Thanks for posting!

  • Isaac


  • This is very cool, I just watched it the other day. Again, very cool.

  • Wonderful to watch, both technically and conceptually. Congrats, Andreas! Plus, a big thumbs up to Angela Steffen, whose fluid style you can definitely feel.

  • rebecca

    This reminded me very much of Jim Woodring (Frank). I liked it a lot. thanks

  • FP

    Damn. Gorgeous.

  • That was alot of fun to watch!

  • Bill Field

    I kept waiting for Quasi to show up! Amazing, almost like a slot machine display on acid!

  • Thanks for the post!! As others have said, Lots
    of Jim Woodring in there. I loved it.

  • Frank

    Yes, Jim Woodring’s animations for his collaboration with guitarist Bill Frisell look like the template this project was built upon. This is nice, but I’m almost certain that he’s seen Woodring’s Mysterio Sympatico performance.

  • Love it!

  • I’m out at the Stuttgart festival now, just visited Filmbilder yesterday. Incredibly, this animation is done on paper!

  • Mike Johnson

    Epic, and I mean that.

    As others have said, very Jim Woodring, and a little Sally Cruickshank as well. I agree with Bill Field…Quasi would have been right at home here!

    Also, the music by Heiko Maile was amazing….a perfect compliment to the visuals!

  • Beautiful!!! I absolutely love it!!

    Fran, on paper?? Really? That’s awesome!

    Does anyone know how Andreas got the idea or how long it took him?

    Very inspiring film!

  • William Ansley

    Nothing short of brilliant. It would be fun to try to annotate this film, identifying all of the references, but it would take more time than I have to spend on such a task and certainly is completely unnecessary. The title is great, too.

    Thanks for posting this, Amid!

  • cngsoft

    The original link no longer works because the contest is over, but the film remains available on YouTube in Andreas Hykade’s own Film Bilder collection,