<em>Maybe</em> by Sam Chou <em>Maybe</em> by Sam Chou

Maybe by Sam Chou

Maybe is a sweet little, 2-minute, “Eco-piece” by Sam Chou of Toronto’s Style5 animation boutique. Chou says the work was inspired by a frustrating conversation he’d had with a friend. The film asks fundamental questions about human nature and our relationship to the environment, and uses a combination of techniques: from the traditional, hand-drawn animation, rotoscoping, to full on digital painting and compositing.

  • FP

    Technically very nice.

    It’s yet another reminder of how YouTube MURDERS 24fps files. Also 25fps PAL files. It doubles certain frames. Very annoying. YouTube should have a 24/25/30 fps switch.

  • bob kurtz


  • Beautiful! I’m a fan of Raymond Xu’s design work.

  • The other, few videos they have on their Youtube channel are certainly worth checking out, too.

  • Carolyn Bates

    Good stuff, Sam. All your projects look great!

  • rakesh

    its a beautiful piece.thanks for sharing