“Mellow Brick Road” by Reed Gauthier “Mellow Brick Road” by Reed Gauthier

“Mellow Brick Road” by Reed Gauthier

Here’s a clever cut-out style digest version of The Wizard of Oz animated by Reed Gauthier, to a score comprised of samples from the 1939 movie by VJ Pogo

(Thanks, Mike Stanfill)

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  • I gotta say, I really like the music, mainly the part at the beginning without the voice samples. And I don’t usually like that kind of music at all. The visuals are pretty nice too.

  • Wow! This was really well done. The song was catchy, the animation was good, and the pacing was really well executed. Whoever did this, really had a passion for the original movie and story. :)

  • That was really cool!

  • Kyle Maloney

    Is this the first time Pogo has done his own animation? (or if he didn’t do it, got someone else to)

  • The animation was a result of a contest to animate Pogo’s tune. You can find other not-quite-as-successful variants on youtube under “mellow brick road”.

  • uncle wayne

    it is, truly, my favorite film (like 8 bazillion other people!) A job beautifully done. I loved it!! Thank yoo!

  • Randy

    Like Uncle Wayne, my favorite film of all time, hands down. Never get tired of it.

    This little animation piece is brilliant, and is obviously done with a lot of love for the original…..really enjoyed it. Great job!

  • Bugsmer

    That was really well done. I’m impressed.