<em>Missed Aches</em> by Joanna Priestley <em>Missed Aches</em> by Joanna Priestley

Missed Aches by Joanna Priestley

Portland-based Joanna Priestley‘s new short Missed Aches is destined to become popular in English classes across the world. A cheeky Symphony in Slang for the new century, it’s based on the poem “The The Impotence of Proofreading” by Taylor Mali, who wrote and narrated the film.

Sound Design by Normand Roger and Pierre Yves Drapeau
Music by Pierre Yves Drapeau with Denis Chartrand and Normand Roger
Text Animation by Brian Kinkley
Character design and animation by Don Flores
Storyboards by Dan Schaeffer
Directed, produced and animated by Joanna Priestley
Supported by The Regional Arts and Culture Council and the Caldera Institute

  • Peter

    Oh my God, this is pure genius, had me laughing out loud… No, really, I actually laughed out loud!

  • Guille

    Spank you, card ton!!

  • That was a lot of fun! I was glued to the screen at every moment. We need more stuff like this. But with such imagery (that I have no problem with), will it actually be “destined to become popular in English classes across the world?”

  • AhHAAAAHAHAHAHAHA. Oh. Oh my. That was perfect. Great concept and execution.

  • Ha ha! Awesome! I know some people who need to see this…
    And, ah, hey Amid – might wanna put an NSFW tag on this one. I have no problem with it, but I just watched it at work, and…let’s just say I’m thankful my boss isn’t here. XD

  • Anna

    This needs a “their/there loose/lose” sequel of sorts!!

    *rewatches and laughs some more*