“More Than Winning” By Nick Fox-Gieg “More Than Winning” By Nick Fox-Gieg

“More Than Winning” By Nick Fox-Gieg

“They gave me a gun, a pick, and a hand grenade, and said ‘Win at any cost,’ and I said ‘Right.’ There’s nothing I love more than winning…”

Indie filmmaker Nick Fox-Gieg has great taste in choosing material for his shorts, and More Than Winning, based on a story by Susan Murray, continues that streak.

  • That was quite stylish actually– I especially enjoyed the skewed and original designs of the various animals. Fine work Nick!

  • Dee

    I know it’s nitpicking, but I had a hard time suspending my disbelief that anyone would really dream such a neat-and-tidy little parable about man’s self-destructive follies allegorized by “one of every animal having a footrace”.

  • Loved it! Great work, Nick!

  • @ Dee Your instincts are right–this was edited down from a longer original story that had more of the kind of random tangents you’d expect to find in a proper dream…!