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“Moxie” by Stephen Irwin

I’ve been following (and posting here) UK-based Stephen Irwin’s films for several years now. His work is always fresh and surprising – telling unique stories in exciting, stylish ways. His latest film, Moxie, just gone online after months on the festival circuit, is about the final days in the life of a suicidal, pyromanic bear…

  • Skip

    Interesting but very depressing.

  • BH

    Very nice. Felt like there was a lot borrowed though from Don Hertzfeldt “Everything will be ok” series of films. Perhaps though there’s other films done in this kind of style I’m not aware of though.

  • Michel Van

    That’s outrageous and fantastic piece of animation.
    it’s deeply disturbing look into mind of a depress bear

    I look with full of expectation to Stephen Irwin new work!

  • Amy Kravitz

    I have not been able to see this at festivals yet and I have been looking forward to seeing it for a long time. “Black Dog’s Progress” is a groundbreaking work, and now I find that “Moxie” is also filled with dark poetry. Thank you so much for posting. I have great respect for this man’s work.

  • Chris Robinson

    Was so glad the jury voted this best film at OIAF 11. Irwin is definitely one to keep watching on the festival circuit

  • swac

    If only he read Moxie soda-loving MAD Magazine, he wouldn’t have been so depressed.