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Nature Boy

For those of you who are still hanging in there with us… you deserve a brand new wacky cartoon by my favorite loony luchadore, Makinita (aka Andres Silva):

  • Isaac

    To be honest, it’s amateurish, and we all know what style it’s emulating.

  • HULK

    WTF!!!!! Seriously…WTF!!!!! I mean that as a compliment. :)

  • Jay Sabicer

    It’s like Nick Cross on speed. Also glad the site doesn’t make my browser think you’re diseased anymore.

  • Jeffrey T. McAndrew

    I second what Isaac said.

  • When will you say to yourself – “These knock offs SUCK and they waste my time in the morning!”?

  • Artisticulated

    Hooray for interneticillin! It cleaned up your site.

    Maybe we should use it on this short.

  • Bill Turner

    I’m probably the least qualified to comment, but “Nosir, I didn’t like it.”

  • Wolf Lahti

    Horrid character design, bad animation, and a senseless story, all to support a pathetically weak joke at the end. To say we deserve this is insulting.

  • Well I guess I don’t agree with all of you and say the world needs more crude dancing elves because those were some highly entertaining dance scenes.

  • Makinita

    I agree wit ya peoplesss the worst 3 minutes of my lifeee buuuuu for u sir Andres silva booo indeed hahahahahhaa and the joke at the end the worst joke evaaaaaaarrrrrr love and kisses …Makinita

  • P and may I add U.

  • MattSullivan

    Wow. SOMEONE likes John K

  • Throat Wobbler Mangrove

    It may be amaturish, it may be attempting to copy a certain someones popular style, but at least he’s out there attempting to create something to entertain us. Putting in the time and effort it takes to do something. Only by doing something will he become better at it. I say encourage him for obviously there is some passion behind his still developing skills to create entertaining cartoons, and really isn’t that what all of us actually want?

  • Steve Gattuso


  • Keep at it Andres, you’ve got the SMACK! Maybe your niche is to provoke angry feelings in these people. It’s a crude piece but it seems like you had your fun.. good luck to you :)

  • Julian Carter

    I saw his “Cupcake Hitler” a few years ago, and I liked it! I have to admit it had better animation, though.

    Also, I know I encountered the name “John K.” (that you guys are mentioning) at some point, but I just can’t register who he is. Classic animation? Disney? Warners? UPA? Or somebody contemporary?

  • Julian Carter

    Oooh! I just realised Makinita himself already replied here!

    And his post made me laugh, haha!

    Yes, and um … just thought I’d say that.

    He seems like a funny guy.

  • Here, ladies and gentlemen, we see the fallout from the cult of Krisfaluci. The whole Ren and Stimpy aesthetic may not be one that is readily duplicated (assuming you would even want to).

  • @Julian
    Are you for real? Do you really don’t know who John K is?
    Can I detect a little sarcasm in your comment? Can I find some sense in this cartoon? Can I stop making questions?

  • Demetre

    I liked it. I thought the first half was very crude but the second half made up for it except for the ending.

  • Ad

    I like the dancing elves

  • I loved it. It made my brain giggle. Well done Makinita. (goodness but there are some grumpy folk reading this blog).

  • Mike Johnson

    I shall ever be full of great that you posted this…it caught me completely off-guard and was just madly brilliant, even if it was “inspired” by John K.’s style. Makinita had better not EVER seek psychological intervention. It’ll screw up a really good thing.

  • Nice going! Very funny!

  • Julian Carter

    Reynaldo, I wasn’t being sarcastic, no. I’m starting to suspect that John K. stands for John Kricfalusi.

    Whose work I’m not familiar with.

    Go ahead. Throw tomatoes at me.

  • Makinita is a one man army. He has made so many animations now that he could fill up a days worth of telly and his films always make me chuckle. This guy animates for the pure thrill of it, on the fly and often even without storyboards. I cant help but respect his enthusiasm for making fun cartoons, the guy is also a great laugh and doesn’t take himself or his work too seriously. :)

  • Keep it up, Makinita! Hurray for independent made films.

    Some people make films, and some people just criticize. I’d rather be one of the former too. I think you have some room for improvement, but who doesn’t? Fun music, some energy in the cycles! GO MAKINITA GO!

  • Tony W.

    John K’s site is listed on the right side of this website. I highly recommend you check it out.