typesetterblues typesetterblues

“Typesetter Blues” by Hector Herrera

One part Foster’s Home, two parts The Dot and The Line – Hector Herrera’s Typesetter Blues is a hundred percent pure design eye candy. The film is the first chapter in an animated collection of silly rhymes called Beastly Bards – and the inaugural project from Herrera and writer/producer Pazit Cahlon as Toronto-based content creators Together: Words + Pictures for Art & Culture.

  • “A longing that messed up his kerning”!! This was wonderful!

  • That was strangely beautiful, yet tragic, yet whimsical all at once. Left me unsure of just how I should feel, and I love it!

    I’ll have to keep an eye on these guys in the future, phenomenal work.

  • Love stuff like this, awesome.

  • mee

    The sound at the end with the credits — like the tonearm jogging at the end of a record? Harold’s scratchy lonely heartbeat? Where am I, the 60s? I don’t know but I think I remember…remember…remember…