“O Rei Gastão” By Diogo Viegas “O Rei Gastão” By Diogo Viegas

“O Rei Gastão” By Diogo Viegas

O Rei Gastão (King Gaston) by Rio de Janeiro-based animator Diogo Viegas picked up the best children’s animation award at this year’s Anima Mundi festival. It’s easy to see why: the animation, design and color are undeniably charming. There’s English captions for non-Portuguese speakers, but the visual storytelling is so clear that I found it just as charming (if not moreso) when I didn’t understand the lyrics.

  • JM

    Muito Bonito!
    I love how the credits enter with the colour filter over the whole thing.

  • christy

    that is great!

  • Mac

    I just wish he had really done it on watercolor paper instead of imitating that look on the computer.

  • RickyB

    Yea Diogo! Great piece, congrats on the award. You always do stunning work. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next, for glory!

    A clip from another film he made in case people are interested.

  • Great Film
    Love the design.
    Simple and very appealing.

  • Maravilhoso!

    Unfortunately, we live in a world where kings still feel entitled to go an shoot elephants :-/

  • Very inspiring, and I agree, knowing the lyrics isn’t necessary to enjoy, especially since the visuals tell the story.

  • Mapache

    Hate to be the comparison monkey but… Isn’t this just that Le Royaume short film but muche less profound?

  • lovelly animation, nice juicey flow