<em>Obama’s Elf</em> by Michael Schlingmann <em>Obama’s Elf</em> by Michael Schlingmann

Obama’s Elf by Michael Schlingmann

London-based animator Michael Schlingmann (previously on Cartoon Brew) created this funny 20-second animated pun. The animation is perfect.

(Thanks, Uli)

  • Sunday

    Haha! Best bit is the second run through when he raises his hands…

  • AdrianC


  • Luke Shea

    B’WAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s the best bit of politician-oriented humor I’ve seen since the election.

  • Inkan1969

    Would he rather be Blago’s instead?

  • that was indeed a magical 20 seconds.

  • Never seen those slide-y flash movements used so well!

  • Mike Schlingmann is a special magic pixie, himself.
    I miss his big German cuddles.

  • Why doesn’t he wanna be Obama’s Elf any more?

  • Steve Gattuso

    Because he’d have to be Secretary of Commerce?

  • Saturnome

    Now I’ll never be able to listen to this song again. Great.

  • Wincey

    That’s the best laugh I’ve had in ages! Also the elf is way cute, and oh so sad!

  • So that’s what Micklee Schlingmann has been doing lately :)
    He’s the best!

  • Nina i think the reason he doesn’t want to be Obama’s elf any more is because the song doesn’t go ‘I am happy to remain the elf of Obama’… you silly sausage

    this is great… it has pathos. can you say pathos outside the bounds of a theatre?

  • I can’t stop watching it.

  • Tom

    It’s Geithner!

  • Yeah

    Didn’t actually think it was that funny. Although a great animation, it was way to short to play off the pun. It’d be better if it was an actual voice-over at least.

  • Bill Benzon

    What about Sly Stone’s line: “I wanna thank you, fa lettin’ me, be myself, again”

  • matt

    Bill, on the album the title IS actually “Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf, again)”! That’s the official title. Classic song, too. Maybe Obama’s Elf wants to go back to his old job?!

  • William Ansley

    Does anyone want to start a pool on how long it will be before some corporation who own the rights to this song makes Youtube take this video down?

  • so cute!

  • That was great! Obama’s elf! Nice work.

  • Uli Meyer

    Obama’s Elf has racked up 170000 hits on “Youtube” and keeps counting.
    The comments are mostly positive, but boy, are there some strange ones.

    Michael listened to this song a few days ago with a friend and pointed out that that part of the refrain sounds like “Obama’s Elf”.
    It is simply a play on words of that particular line in the song from that particular performer. By the way, there is a Celine Dionne version that wouldn’t work because of the way she pronounces the words.
    The piece also couldn’t be any longer because the lyrics continue “don’t want to “live” all by myself anymore” and that, of course, does not work.

    Michael went home, found a photo of Obama that was fitting and animated the elf, all within three hours. There is nothing more to it.
    Schlingelmann is a close friend, he had no intention of making a political statement at all, far from it. Michael is an admirer of Spike Milligan, one of the original British “Goon Show”, who would have been proud of him for spotting this pun.

  • I’m so happy.

  • very good job, to say it in german: ich hab mich fast bepisst!” :)