<em>Octocat Adventure #1</em> <em>Octocat Adventure #1</em>

Octocat Adventure #1

Half-cat and half-octopus, Octocat is searching for his parents. And he manages to drink a relaxing cup of tea during the search. I hope we see a lot more cartoons from 13-year-old Randy Peters.

(Thanks, David O’Reilly)

  • Absolutely brilliant!

  • Go Randy Go !

  • That



    It’s sort of abstract, in a “fine art that was never meant to be fine art” way.

  • Funny as hell! We need this kid to get a job at the networks ASAP. Quit school and go for it….

  • Tom Pope

    Best forty-five seconds of film I’ve seen this year. Like the cat thing yesterday and the Lollipop video, I could, and shall, watch this A LOT.

  • Chuck R.

    Aristocats, Cats Don’t Dance, Thundercats….
    Simon’s Cat, Octocat…

    I’d say the internet is a safer haven for cats.

    Randy, keep up the good work, but don’t quit school. At the very least, you’ll never find a better source for drawing from life than the classroom.

  • alex Kirwan


  • Julian Carter

    What’s the fuss all about? That animation clip has absolutely no artistic merits at all (i.e. nothing to justify the crudeness of technique). Oh, and he could have thought of a more imaginative name than ‘Octocat’, surely …

    Everyone on Youtube is raving about it. Either they’re all potty, or I’m failing to recognise any beauty in Randy Peters’ work. Bleh …

  • Julian – you are a miserable blackheart.
    I think it’s just about the best animated thing I’ve seen in months.

  • 1

    That is really good. However, the fact that “RANDYPETERS1” joined youtube and submited the video only 12 hours ago and David O’Reilly found it so quickly makes me suspicious. It’s close enough to his terms that he could have made the video himself.

    That’s probably not the case, however, and it is a great animation. I hope there are more to come.

  • Your Mother

    One of the best things i have ever seen. +1 internets to you

  • Adolf Hitler

    He fights to find his parents, it brings me to tears. Bravo!!!! Bravo!!!! I can’t stop clapping!!!!

  • Hi, I didn’t make this one, but thanks for the compliment.

  • The symbolism is magnificent. Octocat Adventure #1 truly reaches out to the inner lost cat in all of us. Maybe one day I will go on an adventure to find my parents as well. What a brave cat. eh drinks tea and doesnt afraid of anything. Excellent job Randal. Keep up the good work.

  • doug holverson

    Never underestimate the power of MS Paint! ;)

  • I was kidding about the school thing Chuck….

  • ponsonby britt o.b.e.

    sounds like somebody needs more fiber…or an exorcist.

  • hibbity bibbity

    Yeah, not a fan. Something is suspicious with all the rave reviews.

  • Octocat appears to be stricken with the same speech patters as Popeye the Sailor Man.

  • FP

    I liked it better than FINDING NEMO.


  • Natalie Kalmus

    Cartoon Network doesn’t justify the crudeness of its technique, either.