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“Office Buddies” by Dan & Jason

Office Buddies

The commercial directing team of Dan & Jason has been developing Office Buddies over the past few years at the New York commercial house Hornet. The earlier episodes, including the funny “Stapler Face Off”, have screened at festivals like SXSW and Platform.

Three new 3-minute shorts were produced recently. Hornet’s website currently features two of the shorts–“Happy Hour” is the latest–and the third will be posted soon. The animation team on these new shorts was comprised of Lizzi Akana, Jake Armstrong, Efrain Cintron, Alan Foreman, and Connie Li Chan.

  • bobby

    amazing work! we used to have ‘get fired day’ around my old office and it was more similar than i should probably admit. when does this hit the airwaves and who does the music?

  • Aaron

    Hilarious! Love it. Can’t wait for more episodes.

  • Jessica

    Yeah! Can’t enough of Office Buddies!!! When do we get to see more?

  • lola

    cool but the perspective on that thing is making my brain freak out.