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Outnauguration Party by Joe Fournier


It’s not just Inauguration Day in the United States; it’s also the first-ever Outnauguration party. Cartoonist Joe Fournier created this animated short documenting the event.

  • joe horne

    the la weekly cover “shooo” is the best

  • Pretty obvious.

  • Where’s the permalink for this one?

  • Oh I think there’s a lot of people celebrating the Outnauguration this time around. I think an angry blind lemur could have been elected President and there’d be people out cheering today.

  • Robert DeJoy

    Here’s hoping they’re is no need for another Outnauguration in 4 years.

  • Robert Schaad

    Just saw a still pic online of a guy holding a handmade sign that read: End Of An Error.

    My sentiments exactly…

  • AJ

    Nice to know everyone is taking HOPEâ„¢ and CHANGEâ„¢ to heart.

  • Nomad

    “Party before county” seems to be the prevailing sentiment.

  • pat. i

    That’s what I love about liberals. National Review is wishing our new president nothing but the best while the atittude on the left is nothing but peurile shtick. C’mon folks. A little maturity please.

    Then again if it wasn’t for the loony left I wouldn’t have made a killing
    in the stock market with Arts & crafts retailers in 2000 & 2004. All those cardboard coffins, papier mache’ skullheads and placards…. I can’t wait for the next election.

    I thank you and my kid’s college fund thanks you as well.

  • I would like to post anonymously about “wacky liberals”, possibly call them socialists then make a snide comment about how superior I am to them.

    I would but I’m content that the man who entered office under unprecedented extra-Constitutional terms, squandered the greatest national unity in generations on a personal crusade in the Middle East, and presided over the single greatest economic castastrophe in three-quarters of a century will no longer be on front page of the daily newspaper.

    He deserves nothing but scorn from all sectors of the American public. Disdain for a job poorly done should be bi-partisan.

    If Obama is half as bad as Bush Jr. he’ll be the second worse President in American history and worthy of similiar vitriol.

  • muh-oon

    That short is actually pretty funny and very well done. But, let me say Thank you to President Bush and Vice President Cheney for not putting your popularity above national security. You guys absorbed a lot of insults and hate, and most likely provided political cover for your policies to continue under President Obama.

  • “…the atittude [sic] on the left is nothing but peurile [sic] shtick “. I’m afraid that Pat I.’s “left” is now the mainstream. Where does that leave Pat?

    “I thank you and my kid’s college fund thanks you as well.” I’m happy that Pat’s kid wasn’t killed or maimed in a war based on lies.

    Good riddance to the Torture President! Worst cartoon character ever!

  • Marcus

    Putting their popularity above national security is precisely what bush and dick did. And then they put their ideology above the Constitution, and for that, they should be tried for treason. No one forgets they were at the wheel when 9/11 happened. No one forgets they lied to get us into an un-needed war. No one forgets they turned a blind eye as Wall Street ran amok. And no one forgets they spent more than any administration in history. For all of this, they will be remembered. History will judge them as the worst administration in history. Shame on them, and good riddance. It’s nice to have a SMART man in the White House for a change. It’s gonna be hard to undo all the damage bush and dick and their cronies have done to the country and it’s standing in the world.


  • Arlo

    “For all of this, they will be remembered. History will judge them as the worst administration in history.”

    You don’t have THE FOGGIEST NOTION of how history will judge them. No president yet has had to deal with what they had to deal with and the new president hasn’t even had a shot at the challenges in the world. Lets just wait and see bvefore you let the sweeping judgments fly.
    Iraq could prove to be the zenith of freedom and prosperity in the middle east in the next four years. Practically any advances in Africa for the next ten years can be at least partially attributed to the last administration as they did more for that continent than any administration ever in the history of our nation. A hurricane only half the size of Katrina could hit the gulf coast in the next four years and the response might be just as bad. Your statement is based on how you feel right now, and as with most people who make important decisions from a purely emotional standpoint your opinion is irrelevant. You have no idea what you are talking about.

    Which is really ironic when you go on at length about distinguishing who is and isn’t smart.

  • amid

    Please keep the discussion related to the above cartoon. Any further politically-oriented commentary will be deleted.

  • toddes


    It’s political posts like this that make me try to avoid your stuff.

  • Dock Miles

    A good political cartoon is a good cartoon. To shun political cartoons would be quivering censorship.

    Problem is, just as we live in an era when every moment seems to have the potential to be turned into a commercial, we live in an era when every instant of politics presents an opportunity for bellowing partisanship. (Wonder if the two phenomena are related?)

    This is nothing but pernicious mania.

    The easy solution is to disallow the briefest whisper of partisanship. Any comment that extols or attacks the political content of a cartoon rather than the cartoon itself should not appear.

    That way, you can even discuss whether the censorship of cartoons depicting Mohammed is a good or bad thing (a worthy topic) without touching whether the forbidding of cartoons depicting Mohammed is a good or bad thing (a quagmire).

  • Celia

    Joe Fournier keeps getting better and better. I hope he keeps making this little films!