Peak Oil Peak Oil

Peak Oil

Animator Bruce Woodside (Cool World, Space Jam, Bakshi’s Mighty Mouse, etc.) made this film on his own, and posted it on You Tube last week to get the message out.

  • Frank J

    This is what the book CROSSING THE RUBICON warned about a couple of years ago. Good to see that the general populace is finally catching on.

  • ted

    I hope everyone knows that Peak Oil is a fraud perpetrated by the oil companies to jack up the price of oil…Venezuala has the potential to pump more oil than Iraq…ditto for the oilsands in Alberta. What is the motive behind the Green movement? Carbon Tax? UN resolution aplenty? World government? We need to curb pollution and reign in our consumptive lifestyles, but lets be sure of the facts before we resort to fear-mongering.

  • Daniel Mata

    If fear mongering will help us curb our oil intake, our pollution, and help the environment, then I’m all for rattling the masses.

  • The motive behind the Green movement would seem to be not encountering incredible doom, unless you’d like to elaborate on what you’re implying is a more believable motivation behind a group of very concerned people who don’t have much of a voice in the media.

    And why should any of us take your word on the idea that peak oil is a fraud. Granted why should anyone take this animation’s word? Or the sites it’s boosting? But I guess at least the animation make you want to learn more, to maybe take the idea seriously.

  • What’s all the fuss about people!!! RELAX!!! In Belgium people are actually driving on used fried fat!!! IT’S TRUE!!! Dont believe me? Check: ( It’s in Dutch sorry )

    The car’s engine needs a small filter and your a go!

    So everyone chill out, eat sum fries, and problems solved :)

    ( don’t hope there will be a diet peak or anything…)

  • Nancy B

    I’ll just discuss the film, not the politics behind it: It’s very well done, though it makes no reference to the huge wars that used up a good deal of oil…

  • Ned

    To say nothing of the one in Iraq designed to steal the last major source of oil left on earth, aside from Saudi Arabia. The Alberta oil, btw, is very hard to get out.

  • I love how everyone thinks driving less reduces oil intake and use so drastically. They forget that oil is used in the production of thousands of products we use every day and not driving to the store will do little to stop the consumption of oil.

    Personally, I think we should go ahead and use up all the oil. If we use it all up, we will be FORCED to find and use alternatives. Unless oil is some kind of renewable resource that comes from dead matter buried under the Earth and compressed with heat and pressure over time………………

  • This film is well animated and the concept is totally brilliant. The accuracy of Hubbert’s curve is excellent…for example, the brief leveling-off in the 1970’s when the two OPEC oil embargos occured. Nice work!

    It’s natural to be skeptical of the peak oil “theory,” but there are so many educated and diversified voices speaking out about this issue, it’s getting harder to ignore. It’s showing up in the mainstream media more and even the oil companies are raising the alarm now. Google and read a few of the major studies done over the last couple of years: the Hirscsh report, the GAO report, the more recent Energy Watch Group report…not exactly page turners, but they’ve got the raw data that will a little note-taking can really help to put all this into perspective.

    Connect the dots for yourself.

  • red pill junkie

    Simple & Powerful. Well done.

    And for those of you thinking this is just a baseless hype, Mexico’s one of the biggest oil exporters for the US. And PEMEX (the state-managed oild company) announced this year that our proven reserves will only last 9 years.



    After that’s gone, the only oil left will be in the hands of people who don’t think too highly of you.

  • Bruce – your cartoon is brilliant. At The Oil Drum we have been discussing alternative ways of getting the peak oil message across. And judging by some of the comments up the thread here I’d say we have a mountain to climb.

    Red Pill mentions Mexico – you can add Indonesia and UK to the list of former exporters – now importers, faced with plummeting oil production.

    Welcome to the real world.

  • Charlie

    Does anyone have a contact for the animator, Bruce Woodside? I’d like to show this in an art installation about human energy usage.

    By the way the cartoon is great. Catchy and simple explanations like this of important concepts like peak oil are just what we need.