<em>Phillip, the Safety Egg</em> <em>Phillip, the Safety Egg</em>

Phillip, the Safety Egg

Mike Owens made this at Puny in Minneapolis. “It’s our first in house short developed from a character that has lived in my subconscious for many years,” says Owens on his blog. Good stuff, says I.

Phillip, the Safety Egg
Creator & Director – Mike Owens
Developed by – Shad Petosky & Will Shepard
Written by & Voices – Eric Knobel, Hannah Kuhlmann & Michael Ritchie
Design – Mitch Loidolt and Mike Owens
Background & Audio Design – Curtis Square-Briggs
Animation – Eyo Peters, Nick Bachman & Mike Owens
Animation, Compositing & FX – Victor Courtright

  • Great designs

  • That was great, I loved it.

  • Nice!

    Reminds me of the LOST pilot. :)

  • KcD

    Thank you for posting this! Not only was it extremely entertaining and well-done, but I am from Mpls and had no idea Puny existed. Looking forward to doing some more research on this!

  • Iritscen

    Wow, this is *really* good. Definitely reminds me of the main reason why I visit this blog.

  • amy


  • Weird, Puny is in my old neighborhood, about a block away from my old apartment! It was pretty trashy when I still lived there, but cool to see that section of town is thriving with Puny being a part of it.

  • joecab

    Damn, that was very well done!

  • Alan

    Coolio. Very funny and great expressions on the egg. Only comment would be the levels on some of the dialogue felt a bit low at times. Great Stuff though!

  • That was awesome! A well done “randomness” too.

  • Hey, I went to animation school w Mr Owens!!

    COngrats Mike! Awesome short.

  • Joel Erkkinen

    Fantastic job Mike and crew!!!! Funny stuff!

  • Hey, I went to animation school w Mr Owens & Aaron Hartline!!