<em>Red Riding Hood</em> <em>Red Riding Hood</em>

Red Riding Hood

Swedish graphic design student Tomas Nilsson, inspired by Röyksopps music video Remind Me, reinterprets the fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood.

(Thanks, Nina Paley)

  • Iritscen

    Haha, that was great. The “Remind Me” video style works surprisingly well on this story. The wolf hearing about LRRH’s grandma and thinking up with grandma’s Nutrition Facts is classic.

  • Steve

    that’s awesome…who’s the song by?

  • That was great!!! I loved it when the wolf thought of the Nutritional Facts for grandma, too. lol

    That’s was a really cool style to tell the tale of Riding Hood.

  • Magnusson

    The song is “Sponsored by Destiny” by SlagsmÃ¥lsklubben.

  • That’s cool. How did she think of that?

  • Jan

    Well done.

  • SUPER-interesting!

    I could not tear my eyes away… I really enjoyed this.

    Plus, this song rules!

  • Sam

    So slickly done and strange. It’s a post-modern deconstruction of fairy tales – devoid of emotion or moral meaning. Lots of intertextual asides. Ceberbral, cool and a bit silly. The Brother’s Grimm would be like whuuuiiit?

  • Anna

    that was very enjoyable!

    Bonus laughs for random price tags on things

  • angela

    i like the video :)
    it so funny ^^

  • anon

    because in Sweden, this is how we do EVERYTHING.

  • Looked like a Chris Ware comic.