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“Ringo” by M.R. Horhager

Happy Halloween! Ringo – or The Story of a Couple who Tried to Revitalize Their Relationship but Instead Ruined a Child by M.R. Horhager (Extreme Nuts) is a dark, disturbing little fable; a perfect treat for this holiday night.

  • I’ve had the pleasure of working with M.R. Horhager and his distinctive voice, his nice pacing and his narrative are some of the skills that makes his work fun to watch. Ringo is another great example of his uniqueness, and Halloween is the perfect time to publish it… Good choice, brewers!

  • Mel

    This is a perfect little fable for my Halloween night. Great job!!

  • Simon Santos

    I love the psycho house reference

  • Jarek

    Great short Mathias! Well done and keep going strong.

  • beautiful

  • JM

    Boy this film makes me think of sooo many films at the same time…it pays off.!

  • Jason Singh

    Really, really well done! A joy to watch and a pleasure to look at, anyone else see the Tim Burton reference?

  • SCM

    Great short…poor rabbit Lenny, a homage to Of Mice and Men perhaps?

  • Yash

    Cute and creepy at the same time. Very clever!

  • lol..M.R Horhager certainly has a strange sense of humor….I worked with him on a film called BALL’OONS which definitely showcased his odd sensibilities. Check it out here: http://youtu.be/9LW353eBxL4

  • katy

    Nice! Is Ringo a cariature of Peter Lorre?

    • M.R. Horhager

      yeah…I tried to put in a few easter eggs in it.