Ross Bollinger’s Pencilmation History of the World

SVA grad Ross Bollinger has been steadily building his Pencilmation cartoon brand over the past few years, and his YouTube channel now counts over 4,000 subscribers and 2.6 million views. He recently started a new series of Pencilmation shorts that offer a tongue-in-cheek history of the world. It begins with cavemen:

A second episode about ancient Egypt is already online, and he’s also doing commentaries for each episode. Watch all of Ross’s Pencilmation shorts on YouTube.

  • The Gee

    I just watched the embedded one but it is funny.
    The history project sounds ambitious and I hope he has fun with it.

    (At some point in time, you might consider squeezing in the history of the pencil, too. Unless that is too meta, of course. Regardless, run with it. Don’t forget the arts throughout history. Unless they aren’t funny….)