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“Season’s Gweetings!” by Aloke Shetty

Just in time for the party season, here’s a clever little short called Season’s Gweetings, directed by Aloke Shetty and animated by the uber-talented Rajiv Eipe. Shetty’s day job is running a commercial production house called Rawshark Films in Bangalore in South India.

(Thanks, Rohit Iyer)

  • Really nicely done. Great energy.

  • Michel Van

    Remind me of allot parties, my friends had.
    i like ironic the depiction of stereotype
    and the way they are drawn…

  • I fuckin love it!! VERY FUNNY and it kinda reminds me of Robert Valley´s style…

  • Pedro Nakama

    I’ve been to this party.

  • Funned out , witty concept and yea it’s a party we all have been to !
    Seasons Gweetings too Mr Aloke Shetty and great anim style Mr Rajiv !!

  • Thank you Jerry Beck.
    We at ‘Rawshark Films’ are grateful for your post.
    Happy Holidays and of course Season’s Gweetings!!!

    And guys, Do share. Sharing is Caring !! Hic!

  • this is so tight – i love it

  • Love it!

  • I choose the word carefully- ‘perfect’