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Selections for Cartoon Brew’s 3rd Student Animation Festival

We’re delighted to announce the selections for Cartoon Brew’s third annual Student Animation Festival. This year we topped over 200 submissions, which made programming this year’s festival a challenging task. We chose filmmakers whose work displayed confidence and maturity while being unafraid to experiment with new ideas, techniques and styles.

(A brief note: for the first time, we have multiple selections from two schools: Rhode Island School of Design and Sheridan. In particular, there are three films from Sheridan. We received a record two-dozen entries from Sheridan this year, and we appreciated the diverse range of voices coming out of there, as well as the consistently high technical proficiency of the school’s students.)

Each of the ten filmmakers below will receive $300. Further, we’re introducing a new twist this year. After all the films have debuted, we will conduct a poll where viewers can vote for their favorite film. The winner of the audience choice award will receive an additional $500.

Cartoon Brew’s Student Animation Festival is made possible by JibJab, our major sponsor for this year’s festival. JibJab has consistently demonstrated generous support for young and emerging talent, and we are proud to recognize them as the sponsor of our festival.

Once again, a hearty congratulations to this year’s selections in our Student Animation Festival. Mark your calendars: the first film will debut on Cartoon Brew on Monday, July 2.

The Ballad of Poisonberry Pete
Directed by Uri Lotan, Adam Campbell, Elizabeth McMahill
School: Ringling College of Art and Design
Country: USA (Florida)

Directed by Kyle Mowat
School: Sheridan College
Country: Canada

Directed by Noam Sussman
School: Sheridan College
Country: Canada

Money Bunny Blues
Directed by Ellen Coons
School: College for Creative Studies
Country: USA (Michigan)

Directed by Evan Red Borja
School: School of Visual Arts
Country: USA (New York)

Peace One Day
Directed by Angie Phillips and Phoebe Halstead
School: Kingston University
Country: UK

Directed by Nooree Kim
School: Sheridan College
Country: Canada

Directed by Eric Ko
School: Rhode Island School of Design
Country: USA (Rhode Island)

Snail Trail
Directed by Philipp Artus
School: Academy of Media Arts Cologne
Country: Germany

21 Years In Seven Minutes
Directed by Caroline Torres
School: Rhode Island School of Design
Country: USA (Rhode Island)

  • Looks like a nice, diverse selection.

  • matt


    Here is a link to our short that didnt get picked, hopefully people will still enjoy it.

  • MenTe

    Wow, it will be nice to see the work from Sheridan students. I was planning to go there… sadly they are more expensive than Seneca’s animation program. Does anybody know the difference between both colleges excluding the fact that one is a degree and the other is a diploma?

  • I’m looking foward to see them all! Thanks Cartoon Brew for making this.

  • Jon

    Wow! Not a single Calarts film. Must of been a shitty year if not a single film from the best animation school in the world could get into the Cartoonbrew student film festival.

    • Gremlin

      Best animation school? Ever heard of Gobelins?

  • Glad to see a 3d animated short has made your list, however it begs the question, How heavily slanted towards 2d or stop motion are the submissions?

    In 3 years of Brew Student Animation Festivals, you’ve had 2 3D animated shorts. This seems drastically under-representative.

    I’ve asked this question before, and been told that the Brew simply chooses the films they deem the best, which is entirely your perogative: it’s your festival, you’re handing out the cash.

    But, asking again: Does Cartoon Brew strongly favor traditional mediums over 3d? Or are there simply next to no submissions that are 3d?

  • Gum and Ballpit are both fantastic, and I’m looking forward to seeing the rest of them too.

  • chris

    pretty sure it`s nooree kim.. and big ups to her, noam and kyle! great films sheridan

    • The Brewmasters

      We’re seeing the spelling Nooree Kim on our end. Are you seeing it differently? Try emptying your cache and reloading the page.