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“Semáforo” by Simón Wilches-Castro

USC student Simón Wilches-Castro sent a message to let us know about his new short, Semáforo (Stoplight), inspired by the street performers of Colombia:

Due to the ongoing war in the Colombian jungles, many people are forced to flee their rural territories and find refugee in capital cities. Their only mean of acquiring money is to put on shows under the city stoplights. Some dress like clowns or do acrobatics, others spit fire or juggle; and some show the only thing they have left: deformities and amputations in exchange for some sympathy and change. This is the life of the people who live under a stoplight and the people who watch them.

Castro’s animation (made in Photoshop) is fun and creative, and he takes full advantage of the cinematic possibilities of the medium. The film will screen in competition at the Annecy festival next month.

  • Brian Rhodes


  • Once the ringmaster broke the circular canvas at the 20 second mark, and it was followed by those intense smears, I was hooked. This is awesome. Favorite thing I’ve seen in a while.

  • Caress R

    Simón is the greatest!!

  • Elana Pritchard

    That was neat.

  • Ryan

    Awesome. I love the way they used of a sort of Plymptoons vibe while still sending a pretty serious message.