“Sick Leave” By Jake Fried “Sick Leave” By Jake Fried

“Sick Leave” By Jake Fried

Watching Boston-based Jake Fried‘s Sick Leave feels like discovering the animation of an indigenous tribe in some faraway land. The exciting stream-of-conscious flow is a constant surprise, mixing Fried’s personal symbolism with recognizable imagery, like a burning house and a can of soda. The visceral quality of the artwork is enhanced by the use of raw materials like ink and white-out.

  • D

    That was awesome. For the first time in a long time I have seen a style of animation completely unique unto itself. Whoever Jake Fried is he is one talented individual. I want to see more stuff like this.

  • GW

    I didn’t care for it too much. The visual noise element doesn’t work in my opinion. I prefer his older works that you can watch through the website, Waiting Room, Last Meal and Nightfall.

  • reza

    love this stuff ! checked out more on his website, theyre all pretty great

  • That was amazing! Reminds me of underground animation from the 60s. The soundtrack was perfecto.