“Skip This Film Now” by Dan McHale “Skip This Film Now” by Dan McHale

“Skip This Film Now” by Dan McHale

I would not skip this film by San Francisco based animator Dan McHale.

  • So topical, and entertaining.

  • Love it. Great work, Dan.

  • I like the concept… and the message that it seems to convey. Honestly though, I kind of WANTED to skip it about 20 seconds in. Aside from the ticking clock, nothing was really holding my attention. I had to force myself to sit there, and I don’t think any sort of entertainment (especially animation) should be that way. I’m not a big fan of random-animation-tests strung together to music. I like seeing a concrete story and getting to know and love (or hate) characters, personally. And that’s just me.

    The quality was nice, though, and there were some fun artistic displays. Not for me, overall.

  • Okay

    I didn’t skip the whole film but I did jump ahead. Took me 12 seconds to get to end. Honestly 5 secs were spent getting to something about “a short film” title card though.

    So what I got was we’re all rats, working for a big corporation, but upon seeing an animated film we rallied to bring down the corporation holding us hostage.

    Assuming it was a clever social commentary right?

    Was this a social experiment and if so did I pass?

    I liked the look of it.

    • Ergo

      That about sums it up. I did little skips along the way and didn’t miss anything. Its point was made much too slowly, with nothing to hold my attention.

  • Old Man Father Time

    I thought the message, if I got it correctly, was kind of forced. Yes, we all hope animation festivals turn people’s heads and make them realize where the quality lies, but the storyline only made itself clear at the very end, and where do we get the money to make these films for animation festivals?

    • You do not need money to make an animated film.

      • CentriAnic

        So long as you either do everything yourself, or the people working for you are willing to work for free. And you have a way of paying rent while you make the film.

      • Well yes.
        Your other choice is to not make a film.

  • The central conceit is a good one, but now I feel that gag and title have been co-opted by a film that otherwise doesn’t work.

    I didn’t get it. Are we all idiot rats in society’s maze, and device-swiping dullards – or are we tearing down capitalism?
    And where did the film showing com into it, why were they fleeing from (or motivated by?) a film they apparently slept through?
    Nope, you lost me sorry.

  • Rob

    Cute animatic! When will we see the finished piece?

  • Nice work, Dan. Is this an animatic version or is it already complete?

  • JC

    I took it to mean that whilst people are out there fighting for social justice the masses are distracted by meaningless stuff including animation festivals.

    I assume the people asleep in a cinema are the same people at the animation festival screening. You’re right they need to wake up.

    • Chris Sobieniak

      I certainly got the message clear!

  • To me the film seemed a bit esoteric. The message was fairly clear but I did too feel the need to skip the film. The countdown is very distracting. I would probably ditch that as there is already a lot of visual information. The composition and color schemes were appealing, but the motion leaves something to be desired. I agree with the theme. However, the journey to that theme could have been better.