stammer-shenjie stammer-shenjie

“Stammer” by Shen Jie

A man plus an ice cream cone is not the recipe for tension-filled drama unless the film is Stammer. This playful experimental piece by Chinese animator Shen Jie (b. 1989) reveals its story through a single repeating action that builds incrementally. The sound design adds the right touch of humor to complete the idea.

(h/t, Caleb Wood)

  • ryan adams


  • Jeremy


  • martin

    ….what a great way to start off my morning

  • Sarah Chalek

    haha this is the best!

  • Dana B

    That was….strange, but unique! Great animation :)

  • wayne


  • William Dunn

    Gloriously weird.

  • Who in the world chews their ice cream? Freaky shizzle here! Geeeesh! Someone’s seriously missing their medication….

  • Genius+animation+creation+humor=FANTASTIC! I laughed, but so intrigued and drawn in all the way to the end. Wonderful & weird creation, but so looking forward to more.