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The 3D Machine


Congratulations to our friends Joost van der Bosch and Erik Verkerk of Ka-Ching Cartoons, who just finished a new 3D cartoon short which will premiere tomorrow at the International Film Festival Rotterdam.

The 3D Machine, an homage to classic horror movies, about a professor who invents a machine that can bring everything he draws to life, was produced using the old anaglyph (red and blue) 3-D process. Bosch and Verkerk’s previous film, The Shoebox will soon be featured on Cartoon Brew Films. The 3D Machine premieres at the International Film Festival, Rotterdam on January 29th at 5pm at the Stadsschouwburg of Rotterdam.

  • Hey you guys! Congrats on your new short! Pretty cool that it’s in Rotterdam tomorrow. To bad I’m not going though… ( Ik wist wel dat ik ERGENS een kaartje voor moest kopen. ) Have fun!!!

  • Zapnut

    As someone who experiments with anaglyphs, it’s great to see people using it in animation again.

  • It’s nice to hear about independents making stereoscopic 3D. Especially with the major animation studios embracing it. Add to that, the recent announcement of Toy Story 3 being released in 3d, June 2010; as well as the conversion of TS 1 in Oct of next year and TS 2 in Feb 2010. I hope we’ll be seeing more personal 3d, maybe even some color polarized 3d. I can picture them handing out the glasses at the next screening for Academy consideration.

  • Just happen to have a pare of 3D glasses at my desk. This looks great, better then those live action shows. Awesome job

  • I also have a pair of 3D glasses nearby – looks great!

  • Congrats to Joost & Eric for their awesome premiere yesterday! We had good time. But i wasnt sure if it was the beer or the glasses that were affecting my vision :P

  • hurray for them lads… It looks grand for sure and the backgrounds by the big man look wonderful too. More power to them says me!!!

  • Dogman15

    This film is currently being featured on Nintendo Video, on the Nintendo 3DS. I just saw it for the first time and enjoyed it. (I’m typing on my 3DS right now, actually.)