“The Big Winner” by Greg Sharp “The Big Winner” by Greg Sharp

“The Big Winner” by Greg Sharp

Last month I wrote about a new studio in Melbourne called Rubber House which I thought was doing some fun and creative drawn character animation. The studio is run by Ivan Dixon and Gregory Sharp, and one of their former colleagues, Gavin MouldeyA, alerted me to a new piece they just completed called The Big Winner.

Directed by Sharp, and animated by both Sharp and Dixon, the film is barely more than a conceptual gag, but one that is done extremely well. I particularly like the character’s design transformation from sharp angles to bulbous, rounded forms.

Director: Gregory Sharp
Animators: Ivan Dixon and Gregory Sharp
Sound Design: James Brown
Producer: Ivan Dixon

  • Tim Brown

    Nice animation…..one question, though. Why would the winners ribbon be way up there when all the racers are only normal height? Just asking…

    • We laughed about this very conundrum when we decided to put the ribbon in. Makes the whole inflation seem anticapted, doesn’t it?

  • fantastic. i love it. more, please!

    • We’re developing new content already, so stay tuned!

  • Oh yeah, I didn’t even notice the ribbon issue. Perhaps his transformation is symbolic of his sudden drive and a squirt of adrenaline. He feels like he’s in the clouds.

  • Peter Wassink

    i love the Rubber House.
    keep it up!


  • The Gee

    It is a really nice work.

    As for the conundrum, that doesn’t sound like a bad one to have. It did you give a lot of options for how and why and sometimes it is a good thing to sort through those to figure out which is the strongest.

    According to ColdHardFlash, this was produced partly or mostly with Art Rage. How much of it was? (and I’m asking now before it drops outta sight.)

  • Yeah thanks for the compliments all,

    Only the backgrounds and cloud elements were created in art rage, all the animation was in Flash.

    Hey Peter Wassink I remember you from the tvpaint forums, about the Old Feed project.

    About the ribbon, nothing is more satisfying than a big big ribbon to run through.