<em>The Blank Page</em> by George Metaxas <em>The Blank Page</em> by George Metaxas
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The Blank Page by George Metaxas

Student George Metaxas made this short stop-mo animated film using only card board materials. The results got him accepted this year into the experimental animation program at Cal Arts. He says “It’s an allegory about the sacrifices of the creative process”. Whatever it is, I like it.

(Thanks, Nicholas McLeod)

  • TJR

    Beautiful. And I like the music a lot too.

  • Gerard de Souza

    Does George need to go to school or does the school need him? Very gifted. Well done.

  • JG

    Wonderfully done. The superb lighting makes it stand out from all the other cardboard animations.

    The message doesn’t help me shake my fobia of blank canvases. :(

  • the background music is the song ‘crystalised’ by the British group
    The xx

  • Wow that lighting! Superb work.

  • Katerina