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Crowdfund Fridays: “The Last 40 Miles”

Texas executes more Americans than any other state in the United States, a disturbing fact that Austin-based British journalist Alex Hannaford learned when he began interviewing Texan death row inmates in 2003. Now, he has patched together a fictional animated film based loosely on those inmate interviews. The Last 40 Miles follows “a condemned man on his last trip: a ride from his solitary cell on death row to the execution chamber in a facility 40 miles away.” The film will employ a variety of drawn and digital animation styles, including rotoscoping.

Hannaford is producing the short with a trio of artists who teach at the Art Institute of Austin: Jeff Roth, Meg Mulloy and Luc Dimick. They are attempting to raise $30,000 on IndieGogo to complete the film. At the time of this writing, they had raised $18,666 with three days remaining in their campaign. Unlike Kickstarter’s all-or-nothing fundraising platform, IndieGogo offers a ‘flexible funding’ scheme, which means that even if these filmmakers don’t reach their goal, they are allowed to keep the amount they’ve raised. Texas Monthly published an interview with Hannaford last December in which he describes the genesis of the film and how they’re making it.

  • Jackie

    I really want to see this film. I for one, have mixed feelings about the death penalty. I know many innocent men die in this system, but I will not be made to pity a villain. Why should a rapist, a murder, or someone who has definitely committed a terrible atrocity against another human be pitied? Why should they get to live sheltered, fed, and protected by the law for thousands of tax payer dollars every year? There are homeless men who commit crimes, to be surely arrested and imprisoned, because this system guarantees them these things. I want to know more about this film– is it about an innocent man, or pitying true villains? I can’t feel the same as people discussing human rights and compassion for someone who has done unforgivable things. I want to sit down and figure out my opinion on this– will definitely watch this film!

    • Mike

      “Many innocent men die in this system”? Please, tell me one you KNOW beyond all doubt that was innocent. There have been a few (maybe two) in the last couple of decades whose guilt was questionable , but there’s not been a proven innocent person executed in Texas since the 1930’s.